Meal Plan

Over a year ago I decided to get tested for food allergies or intolerance’s after completing an elimination diet. I narrowed it down to a few items but wasn’t quite sure. I had my blood drawn and tested. The results were startling to say the least, I had MORE food intolerance’s than I knew about; wheat, eggs, animal milk, Parmesan cheese, which is my absolute favorite, etc. My food issues are not life threatening but over time my skin breaks out in rashes and my stomach is constantly upset. Once I knew what I needed to stay away from I had to figure out how to make meals and snacks that would work for me. We basically went with a paleo diet.

Unfortunately, I have fallen back into bad habits and terrible eating. Like I said none of the allergies are life threatening but my skin and stomach take the brunt of it. I am making a change TODAY. The biggest issue is not prepping my breakfast and lunch. Dinner is usually my focus but over time it has become apparent that breakfast and lunch are an after thought.

Sunday is usually my prep day. I struggle the most with…BREAKFAST! Heading out to work  or running out to the gym. On the menu is chia pudding, like this one,  and overnight gluten free oats. I found most of the recipes on pintrest. I have a pile of mason jars and loaded them all up, enough for a week.

Chia pudding with berry and nuts. It looks really gross but I have to say it is extremely delicious and filling.

  • ¼ cup chia seeds
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • ½ tsp vanilla
  • Fresh berries for topping

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a glass and shake to combine. Refrigerate overnight. Stir quickly in the morning, top with berries, and enjoy! I mixed the berries and slivered almonds with a tablespoon of maple syrup, stir and placed the mixture on top. ( Most bags of chia seeds have the instructions but I have found they can ask for a tad too much liquid so trial and error.)



For lunch, in the past I have loaded mason jars up. However, I do not have enough space in my fridge right now so I made a run to Costco and bought a whole bunch of their pre-made salads and a rotisserie chicken. Lunch is done!  Also, I can make a quick chicken quesadila for Hudson’s lunch. WINNER!

I hope you try the chia pudding, it is so good and oh so good for you.



Montana is Love

This past weekend we spent the day at my in-laws. We celebrated Easter, birthdays, and anniversaries. It was the best visit so far. Hudson played non-stop, running all over the property, digging in dirt, chasing the dogs. He was in heaven which meant I was able to enjoy adult conversation and a hot plate of food. It was mama’s heaven!


We haven’t visited the in-laws in a long time. They usually come to our house so Hudson can run amuck in his area. Also, it can take up to an hour to travel their direction. Have you ever tried to travel with a toddler….even for a short period of time? YIPES!  I would love to know any tricks to make travel easier because we have an upcoming trip that is a tad longer.  Suggestions welcomed.


Saturday Sit-Down

Hi friends. I cannot believe it has been 2 months since my last post. Blog host fail….sheesh! We are finally into a new groove. Husby is back in town working, his schedule has definitely taken some time to get use to. But we are loving that he is home very night for dinner and bedtime. […]

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Not so”Quiet” Time Transition

Hudson gave up naps before his 3rd birthday…let me tell you it stunk. I cried the second I realized he was truly DONE with naps. My husband looked at me like I was crazy. His helpful words…..”Well he wasn’t going to nap forever….you knew that, RIGHT?”  Thanks. Super helpful. All the stay-at-home-moms out there (working […]

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Struggles Lately

Lately, I have been struggling to think of blog topics, keep my house in order or happily play with H. Most days I can barely get a meal together, which is definitely out of character for me. Usually I have everything figured out and in order but lately nothing is working out. January has brought […]

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December Wrap-Up

We have been offline for a few weeks. I have to say it has been peaceful.  Now, it’s time to get back into a routine. Christmas is put away, which always makes our house looks bare, but I want to share our December with you. Husby’s birthday is the first week of December but he was at […]

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Hudson Turns 3

Hudson will be three on Black Friday. WHAT?! It has gone by so fast. He has grown into a funny, silly, smart, kind little man, mixed with a whole lot of stubbornness and attitude. Which I have been told will be a good trait to have as an adult but as a three year old works all […]

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Pumpkin Party

This is a little late but I still wanted to share. We have started a family tradition, a Pumpkin Carving Party! It has proven to be so much fun. It is a very easy party to plan since it’s casual. Dinner, snacks, and all the tools needed for carving and B.Y.O.P, bring your own pumpkin.Since […]

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Apple Cider Donuts

I mentioned these little lovlies in a previous post. But after measuring all the ingredients and reading all the steps I had to find a different recipe….wait for dough to rise over night….um no mama needs her donuts today! I should have read all the instructions before measuring but my sous chef and I were so […]

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Punkin Palooza

We made our first trip to the pumpkin patch this week. I say first because no doubt we will be going back to collect more beauties for our carving party in a couple weeks. We always go to a local family owned farm in town. First off, their prices are the best. Second, the owner […]

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