First Circus!

Today we took Harper to the circus! I know, I know I feel bad for the elephants and tigers too but I always went as a kid and loved it so I had to have Harper experience the fun! Surprise surprise she loved it! The people, the music, the animals, the popcorn, loved it all! I figured if she was scared or restless we would just leave but had to give it a shot!

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The Easter Bunny Is Coming!

Everyone who knows me knows my Christmas shopping is done December 1st so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Harper’s Easter basket is packed and ready!

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DIY Spring Wreath!

Every mama has GOT to take a little time for herself to stay sane in my opinion, a break to do something/anything non baby related! I like to craft, especially make my own home holiday decor! I love wreaths and do not think they should just be limited to Christmas! This was so easy (just a little time consuming) to make and is actually very similar to the one Nic got at Target! The nice thing about making your own stuff is you can choose your own colors! All you need to make this is a styrofoam wreath and yarn!

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Hi Hello!

Hey all! Just wanted to write a little post to introduce myself! Nicci has invited me to contribute to her blog so I’ll be popping in with posts here and there! For those of you who don’t know me my name is Christine! Most everyone knows/refers to me as Tine 🙂 I married my high school sweetheart Sean on the first day of this year, we have a 6 year old husky Khloe and a 1 year old daughter Harper! Moved from Missoula to Dickinson ND last July due to Sean getting an engineering job with KLJ engineering which enabled me to be able to stay home with our daughter! Love my life and I’m excited to share some of it with you all!

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Lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday Friends, I hope you are spending time with loved ones, staying in your pajamas just a little longer and squeezing your little one just a little tighter. Sundays for us mean a lazy day, as lazy as one can be with a toddler running around. I just make a point of doing something special for Mr. Man, a little change of pace. We have read books all morning in our jammies or played in his room until lunch. Either way we slow down the day , soak up all these moments, no appointments, groceries to pick up or house to clean. Just slow down the day and enjoy. LOVE is TIME not STUFF.

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Food Makes Everything Better

After three days of not moving off from the couch, watching kids movies on repeat and living in our jammies, Mr. Man is on his way to recovery. It seems he had a minor flu bug . I loved the snuggles but hated that Hudson was not feeling himself. He is still a bit demanding but he at least is up and running around .   [Read more…]

Spring has Sprung….Inside

Today, the sun keeps poking out which has gotten me in the mood to decorate for Spring and Easter. I think everyone is desperate for spring to be here for good. But it hasn’t quite happened yet. A little change in decor will have to do until Mother Nature gets on the same page. [Read more…]

Spring Fever

Spring Fever has hit our household, LITERALLY. Hudson has had a low grad fever since yesterday…maybe too many St. Patty’s Day Shenanigans or simply  teeth trying to pop through. Either way a sick baby is ZERO fun but I am LOVE all the extra snuggles. H is not one to cuddle unless he is sick so I am soaking it up as much as I can.
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St. Patty’s Day Shenanigan’s

In the recent past I have spent St. Patrick’s Day being the designated driver for the Husby and Brother. I always had a great time and so did they. But since Mr.H came along the shenanigans have been much more mild and kid oriented.

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Mommy Survival Kit

Its seems like every week a friend tells me they are expecting! It is the greatest news a person can get, my wallet may disagree when it comes time for the baby shower. I have searched the internet for affordable D.I.Y ideas for baby shower gifts. However, as crafty as I may think I am there is no way I can make a diaper cake or knit the cutest hat and sock set. There is just no way I could have a pile of diapers and ribbon in my dining room with a hot glue gun, and toddler tornado running around, without a trip to the ER. Let’s be honest!

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