Portland or Bust

This last weekend the Husby and I took our first road trip, to Portland, with the Mr. H. I coach a competitive cheer team, they had a competition in Portland, Oregon.Who knew a five day trip would take a week of prep, sleepless nights, among many phone calls, texts and emails for suggestions…. Groceries, packing, reservations. It borders on a small military maneuver. Sheesh!   Imagine my excitement for a ten hour, 500 mile trek across three states with a 15 month old. YIKES! Plus a few more choice words.

The reason being H has never been a fan of sleeping anywhere but his own bed.  A Pack n Play has worked on very rare occasions. H has been a good car rider but never for more than 2 hours.  I spent days gathering hints for the car ride and for the hotel  from family, friends and the internet.

1. Lots of snacks

2. A portable DVD player

3. 1$ store toys

4. Keep him on the same schedule, even during the car ride.

5.  Stop to let him stretch his legs and burn off some energy; Playgrounds, parks or fast food play area.

Husby is much more go with the the flow than I. I worry, plan, and repeat. So needless to say my nerves were on end!H has proven to be a very particular child but a family trip needed to happen. The only way to know how it would go would be to try it.

In the end all went well . H has his first meltdown as we were parking at the hotel. The second day was spend exploring Portland, at the Children’s Museum with Husby’s sister. Later her and I spent the afternoon roaming the aisle of Ikea. If you have ever been to Ikea, wondering is not the best thing for the bank account, but the deals oh my goodness the deals could not be passed up.  That evening she kindly offered to watch H while we went to dinner, a rarity since H has come along. We jumped at the offer.

Making the hotel his home..

Making the hotel his home..

Water table at the Portland Children's Museum

Water table at the Portland Children’s Museum

Unfortunately day two and three were spent at the convention center. Note, find parking BEFORE rushing to meet your team 20 minutes before they perform.Day three’s evening was spent at my Brother’s house with a pit stop at brewery, with tasty food and plenty of halls for H to roam. As well as a quick dip in the Hotel pool when we got back.

Doesn't everyone eat a sucker in the pool

Doesn’t everyone eat a sucker in the pool

The trip home was a bit more difficult . H took 1.5 hours to go back to sleep after quietly getting him buckled into the car. He didn’t nap well and was much more restless in his seat. But overall he did very well.

Getting our Voodoo on..VooDoo Doughnuts that is...

Getting our Voodoo on..VooDoo Doughnuts that is…

I would say it was a SUCCESSFUL first family road trip . To many more family trips….maybe a bit closer to home.


  1. Tine Rabe says:

    Yay!!! I’m so glad you have it up and running!!! AND of course that your trip was fab 🙂 XoXxO

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