ONLY a Stay at Home Mom

I am asked regularly what I do for work. I often flinch when saying ” I stay at home,” because the response is most often “oh you are ONLY a stay at home mom.” The word “ONLY” has so many connotations. It can mean you ONLY have one job. Or you ONLY stay at home. Unfortunately, more often than not it is meant as a negative thing, that I am ONLY raising a child. I usually smile and respond “Yes I do stay at home but its what I love to do.” When in reality I would like  to say; does your boss SPEAK to you because mine does not I have to guess, Has your BOSS every puked on you? My guess would be probably not. ONLY staying at home with an infant or toddler has proven to be the MOST difficult WORK I have ever done.

Another famed response is “must be nice to stay at home all day ” I would agree but I would also like to point out that I never get to leave. There is no separation between my job and home. Some days out house feels just a little too small. But some days it’s nice being able to sleep another 30 minutes because Hudson was up 3-4 times or not having a schedule. I am always thankful I was there when Hudson rolled over for the first time, said his first word and took his first steps. I would not change a second. I understand many people must work to provide for their children. I would never judge a person for working or staying at home . All I am hoping is next time you hear someone say ” I stay at home with my kids,” you think twice before saying ONLY.

Time to Play

Time to Play

The day to day grind of a stay at home mom can be monotonous but also very rewarding. The ability to stay at home and watch Hudson grow has been the most amazing blessing I could have ever asked for. There are days where I wish I could have 2 minutes to pee alone or take a sip of coffee before watching it spill all over the floor. Then rushing to find towels before Jackson licks it all up. And Hudson saying “Uh oh,”  in the background. All in a days work for a stay at home mom.

Mama Love

Mama Love

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