If anyone has spent a winter in Montana they know that they can be looooong and harsh. We have spent many days bringing snow inside because it was too cold  to play outside, fun but not quite the same as building snowmen in the backyard…Just Sayin! Usually, I love winter primarily because of the comfy clothes, warm drinks, and the ability to snuggle on the couch watching movies all day. However, this year winter has been brutal and a bit random. Days of sunshine with negative temps or 4 feet of snow in one month, I am OVER it.

So today we spent the afternoon playing in the only indoor water park in town, Currents. It’s the closest thing to the beach one can find in Montana. It could have been a blizzard outside but inside it was a lovely 80 degrees. Hudson is OB-SESSED with the water, so it was a perfect fit for us. Water for him and some much needed warmth for mama, all that was missing was a delicious cocktail.

2014-03-15 17.27.47-1             


  1. Tine Rabe says:

    Omg these pics are straight to die for!!!! I can’t wait to take Harp to the little water park here! (As soon as the stubborn babe starts to walk sufficialtly!!!!)

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