Mommy Survival Kit

Its seems like every week a friend tells me they are expecting! It is the greatest news a person can get, my wallet may disagree when it comes time for the baby shower. I have searched the internet for affordable D.I.Y ideas for baby shower gifts. However, as crafty as I may think I am there is no way I can make a diaper cake or knit the cutest hat and sock set. There is just no way I could have a pile of diapers and ribbon in my dining room with a hot glue gun, and toddler tornado running around, without a trip to the ER. Let’s be honest!

I searched the internet High and Low!  I found A LOT of diaper cakes…read above. More than enough etsy shops to cloth 150 children. But nothing was IT, I wanted a DIY project more for the mom than the baby. I remember the best baby shower gift I received was from my sister-in-law, she put together a basket of items for ME. Primarily, for the hospital; a soft robe, facial wipes, hair ties, headbands, breath mints, etc, as well as a pretty nail polish. She knows my love of nail polish a good polish can make anyone feel pretty in a snap. It was my favorite gift, so many people focus on the baby that MOM gets forgotten. Let’s be real mom deserves some attention too, after all she grew a human for 9 long months then goes through the agony of delivery. She deserves a pretty POLISH or some mascara to feel put together!

I came up with a similar idea, a MOMMY SURVIVAL KIT in a jar, because mason jars are all the rage and can be used after they are emptied.Double Score!  When you make your own you can definitely pick items the person loves or might enjoy. The Mommies I am making them for are not big on nail polish and I don’t have a budget for two comfy robes. OUCH! I went with items that I know they will love and actually put to good use after the baby arrives. Honestly, the jar can be tossed in their hospital bag, everything they will need at the hospital after deliver is in this jar.

The items I bought were all in the travel section of Target, minus the mason jar. It was back in the kitchen storage section. In total I spent 20$ on all the items in the jar as well as the jar itself. Not too shabby!

The items are listed below.

Dove Chocolates: Because chocolate makes everything better.

Crystal Light Drink Mix: After baby, moms have to be sure to drink a TON of water. A bit of flavor makes it much more satisfying.

Goody brand hair ties and headband: They are just the best ones on the market in my opinion.

E.L.F concealer/ highlighter stick and mascara: for those random hospital visitors and sleepless nights.

Burt’s Bees chapstick: Its the best, I think, and the dry air in the hospital cracked my lips something fierce.

Altoids Smalls: The package is little and fit easily into the jar. Plus, they are easy to freshen breath if you haven’t brushed yet or FORGOT your toothbrush like I did, Fun Times!

YESto Facial towelettes: Sometimes getting up to wash your face seems like a C-H-O-R-E.

Lastly, Wet Ones: 99.9% anti-bacterial, need I say more….Hospitals are Gr-oossss.


Note to self, make sure to buy the wide mouth mason jar. All the items fit but the larger jar would have been much more helpful.


  1. Tine Rabe says:

    Love this!!! ❤️❤️

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