Spring Fever

Spring Fever has hit our household, LITERALLY. Hudson has had a low grad fever since yesterday…maybe too many St. Patty’s Day Shenanigans or simply  teeth trying to pop through. Either way a sick baby is ZERO fun but I am LOVE all the extra snuggles. H is not one to cuddle unless he is sick so I am soaking it up as much as I can.

We have spent today drinking lots of fluids and watching entirely too many kids movies….which I Hate.. Today I put together an immunity boosting smoothie for both of us. Also, while H was napping I disinfected every surface and know in our house. But H appreciates the smoothie more than a clean house….psh Toddlers.


The Recipe:

A handful of spinach, frozen mangoes and strawberries. I cubed an entire green apple. The juice I used was organic Carrot-orange juice. But any juice you like would work just fine. i added cod liver oil, it does wonders for the immune system and pretty much all around healthful oil. Plus, you cannot taste it at all, I PROMISE.

I hope Spring Fever hits your home…but in the way it is intended. You can find us on the couch watching Movies until this fever breaks.

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