Lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday Friends, I hope you are spending time with loved ones, staying in your pajamas just a little longer and squeezing your little one just a little tighter. Sundays for us mean a lazy day, as lazy as one can be with a toddler running around. I just make a point of doing something special for Mr. Man, a little change of pace. We have read books all morning in our jammies or played in his room until lunch. Either way we slow down the day , soak up all these moments, no appointments, groceries to pick up or house to clean. Just slow down the day and enjoy. LOVE is TIME not STUFF.

Today, we woke up to snow coming down, WHAT THE HELL, was the first thing that came to mind. Seriously, it was the first day of Spring two days ago. I want to go for long walks or play at the park not sit inside again.Then, it looks like breakfast in bed for us. Hudson had not had breakfast in bed yet, I thought we would give it a shot. I laid extra blankets on our bed that can be easily washed WHEN a spill happens not IF. Hello, we are dealing with a crazy toddler. I decided on dipping french toast, simply cut the toast into strips. I set aside a container of syrup and almond butter for easy dipping. Also, Hudson loves yogurt with strawberries so I made a giant bowl for us to share, added a sprinkle of flax seeds . I have found that apples taste a lot better if they are cut into strips…try it you will agree.


Looks so delicious.

Hudson thought he was pretty cool eating in bed. He gobbled everything up as we snuggled! Perfect morning if you ask for me.

On a side note, the spill I referred to happened. But I was the culprit. I had every intention of painting my nails while H napped, since I have been waiting oooh 3 months to do so, instead I scrubbed syrup from a couch cushion……because that LAST bite of french toast HAD to happen….sheesh……What a mess. In my defense I was trying to prevent Hudson from spilling his carrot juice on the very same couch. Should have let that happenIt would have been easier to clean. If anyone has suggestion on cleaning microfiber please let me know.


  1. LOVE!!!!! hugz n smooches to my booty gurl and my adorable lil’gnephew!!!

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