DIY Spring Wreath!

Every mama has GOT to take a little time for herself to stay sane in my opinion, a break to do something/anything non baby related! I like to craft, especially make my own home holiday decor! I love wreaths and do not think they should just be limited to Christmas! This was so easy (just a little time consuming) to make and is actually very similar to the one Nic got at Target! The nice thing about making your own stuff is you can choose your own colors! All you need to make this is a styrofoam wreath and yarn!


To start just tie the yarn on the backside and start wrapping! Switch colors randomly by tying the next color on the back to the last.


Then just get messy and wrap other colors over the top!


Voila!!! to hang I just braided yarn and hung with an upside down command hook inside! HAPPY CRAFTING 🙂

And of course the best thing about spring is flowers! I pretty much always have fresh flowers in the house, they make me SO HAPPY! Tip for keeping fresh flowers is to buy wild flowers rather than roses…they last wayyyy longer and total plus for me because daisies are my fave! Yay spring!


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