The Easter Bunny Is Coming!

Everyone who knows me knows my Christmas shopping is done December 1st so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Harper’s Easter basket is packed and ready!


I’ve been wanting to get her a bla bla doll forever and finally splurged and just did it! She’s realllyyyy into animals and babies right now so I figured the timing is perfect and she’ll love it just as much as me! And I’m in love with all things fox so had to go with this one 🙂

I found the little wooden iPhone on etsy and fell in love with the idea and her name is carved on the back (how cool!) hopefully she likes it as much as she loves mine… ya right I know! 😉

The cup is from Target once again had to get it when I saw the fox on it! And I’m a sucker for cute kid cups!

She is straight obsessed with glasses right now so had to stick these cute shades in there! (also from Target)

I made the hair clips myself and will fill the eggs with Teddy Grahams and Goldfish! (her faves)



And as if that wasn’t enough I know, I’ve been searching for the perfect little chair for her for awhile now and debated back and forth on one from Pottery Barn but theirs are just a tad too big, not to mention expensive! Then stumbled upon this completely adorable little bean bag Minnie chair on Amazon of all places! 20$ umm hello can’t beat that! I’m so excited to see her sit in it she’s gonna love it I just know it! As for now she’s been having a blast playing in the box it came in that I cut windows in for her first little fort! Hope this gave you a couple ideas for your little munchkins! Happy shopping friends!



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