First Circus!

Today we took Harper to the circus! I know, I know I feel bad for the elephants and tigers too but I always went as a kid and loved it so I had to have Harper experience the fun! Surprise surprise she loved it! The people, the music, the animals, the popcorn, loved it all! I figured if she was scared or restless we would just leave but had to give it a shot!





So during intermission we all headed to wait in the bathroom lines and as we were standing there I felt something warm on my side, looked down and Harper’s skinny jeans  had pushed her diaper to one side and she peed down one leg and the whole side of me…awesome. And go figure the ONE TIME I didn’t have extra clothes in her diaper bag! Luckily you couldn’t really see it on my white shirt so I changed her diaper and figured what the hell we might as well just stay for the rest. (Classy I know) 😉 She was just having too much fun to make her leave now! And she could’ve cared less she was a little wet! Oh the joys of parenthood 🙂

Circus selfie!! Image

Here are those tigers and elephants




Sean was hoping something crazy would happen (typical guy) but it didn’t and the Shrine Circus impressed once again!

Harper fell asleep as soon as I put her in the car 🙂 sleeping babies are just the CUTEST!




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