This last week we spent most of the time running from here to there. Helping parents move, going to an appoint, and traveling for a day trip. Most often Hudson is along for the ride. He gets a bit irritated being pulled in and out of the car seat but as long as he has a snack he is usually pretty happy. But the other day I was letting him play outside….FINALLY NICE! I was trying to get stuff done inside while he played. Dishes, unloading groceries and starting dinner. It hit me that I should be outside with him.

In this day in age we are over scheduled and does it honestly make us happy. Our kiddos get carted along with little time to enjoy being a KID! I have found myself filling my day with “TASKS,” making them TOP priority. But the time playing outside or building blocks is much more important. The last few months I have been desperately trying to turn back time. I feel like Hudson is growing and changing so fast I can barely keep up. I would love to turn back the hands or time or at least slow it down a little. Its bittersweet, he is thriving and so smart but he has began to need me less.. 😦

I have made a personal goal to wonder the backyard with Hudson or go for walks more! The laundry can wait. The dishes can be done after bedtime. The time to make memories with him is right now, every single day. I will struggle a little at first, trying to change my way of thinking. But I know that in the end I will be much happier and so will Hudson . We will be spending the day wondering the backyard appreciating every SINGLE rock and every blade of grass.



LOVE is spelled TIME! I hope you take some time to put the TASKS on hold and spend time with you little ones! Happy Tuesday Friends!



  1. beaumadsen says:

    Well put, sis. Take it all in, and relax for goodness sake. Enjoy being a stay at home mom.

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