Hudson’s First Movie

Hudson went to his first movie yesterday. We saw Muppets Most Wanted. I called the movie theater before we went. Yes I did, a bit much but wanted to be be prepared. I wanted to make sure there was no age minimum and what the rules were on an upset baby. The theater was great, they recommended if he got upset to bring him to the lobby and try again….Duh!?. Definitely, some needed reassurance for this nervous mama though.

We decided to arrive late, strategically planned to miss the previews. No need wasting his patience on those….His..right…more like mine. He sat still, happily eating popcorn for about 30 minutes. After that he wanted to move around all the while watching the movie. About half way through the movie he was pretty much done, but I took him into entry hallway of the theater. He walked from the door, back to the screen while I finished watching the movie. He did not cry once nor was it as difficult as I thought it would be.

The movie was funny. I think if it would have been an animated show it would have gone much better. Plus, he has never watched the Muppets so it was a little out of his interest. All in all it was a very successful first movie for Mr. Man….and a nice change of pace for mama.


Moral of the story try new things with your kiddos and bring lots of snacks. It might be a little nerve wracking, especially for first time parents. But most often people are understanding. They have been there before with, the toddler having a tantrum because they NEED yet another 1$ toy or the mama trying to share a movie with her kiddo while he holllers for Grandma, who is sitting a foot away……

Happy Thursday Friends!




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