Climb, Slide,…Repeat

Hey Friends! I hope your weekend has been full of family fun and some good laughs. Today, it was slightly nice enough to take a walk outside. Which ended at the P-A-R-K.  Spelling certain words has become the norm or a toddler tantrum will ensue.

Hudson spent the entire time climbing the stairs, which are at the perfect toddler height for to walk up like a Big Boy. Hands gripping the railing of course. He would walk up the stairs, gracefully I might add. Once he got to the tops he would do a tiny happy dance. We tried to walk DOWN the slide, which gave me Oh about mini heart attacks. He was having so much fun until I felt his icicle fingers and lucky me the weather took a turn so we headed home.



Hudson made it clear when we got home that INSIDE was not going to happen. So as I made lunch, I let him wonder in the backyard and into the house. The simple things I guess. Well as the timer was beeping at me, I hear a crash towards the living room. I had not heard him come back into the house. I rush around the corner to find him laying on his back at the bottom of the stairs, screaming. I immediately began checking for broken bones. As I am checking, I see he as bit his tongue, which has become the norm. The crying subsided pretty quickly so I finished making lunch. A few minutes later, I felt something warm on my arm, I look down to see a puddle of blood. I flip Hudson around only to find his hair matted with blood. Lets just say panic began. After, Gramma came to help me clean it up and determine if stitches were necessary, I finally calmed down. Thankfully, it did not  need stitches but Jeeze…all that from a tiny tumble.

 I will not be winning any mother of the year awards any time soon. I suppose I am okay with that since it means Hudson has been allowed to be a Toddler.

Have a great weekend friends!

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