Mani Pedi Friday Fun!!

Hey guys! So if you’ve checked out Jamberry wraps you have seen how amazing these things really are! However some just love their polish as well, and if you’re like me just dying to paint those cute fingers and toes on your babe but not sure how safe that stuff you’re putting on those precious fingers and toes really is, Jamberry lacquer is for you!! Most high end nail lacquers are changing over to be “3 free” omitting the harmful toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBT), and formaldehyde. Jamberry decided to take this to the next step of being “5 free” by also omitting formaldehyde resin and camphor, other harmful chemicals. These lacquers compare to the $20-$40 bottles of professional nail lacquer on the market! Perfectly safe for your mini me! This is the Hint of Mint polish on my little lady (my fave in the whole line)!




It dries quick too which is ALWAYS a plus because of course she was on the go basically as soon as we finished 😉

Check it out! And get your Friday mani pedi’in ON!! Here’s a link that will take you right to the lacquers.

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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