DIY Jean Makeover!

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!! So awhile back Gap had the CUTEST polka dot jeans that I HAD sitting in my cart but never bought…GO FIGURE they went out of stock and they don’t have them anymore. I have been kicking myself ever since! C’mon we’ve all done it, I’m sure some of you have stuff sitting in online carts as we speak! 😉 SO I decided I was gonna try to make my own! Literally all you need to do this is an old pair of jeans, acrylic paint and something to use to dot! I used a wine cork but it totally depends on the size of the dots you want, a pencil eraser would be perfect for smaller dots!

These were the only jeans that I own that aren’t Miss Me so I went with them (hey when ya like something you like it) hence why I didn’t purchase the Gap ones when I SHOULD HAVE! 🙂


I went with white but you could use any color!


Space your dots however you’d like, this is what I did. Definitely a project for after babes are in bed…unless you want a big handprint on them….maybe you do? 😉



I absolutely LoVE the way these turned out and even got a compliment from Sean when I wore them….after he thought I was absolutely nuts watching me paint dots on a pair of my jeans! Might have been my new fave sweatshirt that added to the love however 😉




So..lesson learned if you love something DON’T let it marinate in that cart or it might be gone!! OR make your own copycat version!!

*Make sure to wash inside out and hang to dry. A FEW chips flaked off (you can’t even tell) so I just threw them in the dryer for less than a minute right side out on fluff and they came right off!*

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