Easter Weekend

Easter this year was so much fun! Hudson was happy with his “basket,” dump truck. The sun finally peeked out this weekend so most of our time was spent outside with Family.

The beginning of the weekend was spent at Gramma’s dyeing Easter Eggs. Hudson was a bit unsure at first but then dove right in! I found the most GENIUS idea on Pintrest. Use a metal whisk and wiggle the egg inside, the whisk provides a handle and an easier way for your little one to color eggs. I think next year I will be using the whisk to avoid Blue-ish-Purple hands..for days after.Mr. Man had such an easy time “Dipping,” the egg into the dye.


Hudson is at such a fun age. Repeating everything and climbing on every bit of furniture available. He is not quite old enough to go on an Easter Egg Hunt so I put a trail of eggs from his room to ours.  I had imagined he would wake up, happily follow the trial of eggs, stopping to inspect each one. Well, that was not at all how it went. He woke up, I took him from his crib and set him down to follow the trail …..he cried and cried. He wanted his “Baaaaar,” his morning breakfast bar. Okay okay son, I kicked the eggs out of my way down the hall to his bar. After,he mowed through his bar, he was FINALLY excited to inspect the eggs and play with his truck.






It was not the perfect Easter Morning I had imagined but it was ours. I hope your Easter was spent with family and loved ones.


  1. Looks like he enjoyed himself. Is he pushing that dump truck around?

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