Rainy Day Movie Marathon

For some unknown reason the sun disappeared and the rain came full force. I thought rather than being bummed we would turn it around. Hudson and I camped out on the living room floor with comfy blankets and pillows. We watched all of his favorite movies, Monster’s Inc and Despicable Me…in toddler language “Pickle Me.” It was great snuggling with my little man all day long. He actually sat still for entire showing of “Pickle Me.”


Of course…there were a few intermissions to climb the dining room chairs…why not! I have been allowing it with supervision. Mr. man only wants to climb up a couple of times only to lose interest quickly when he cannot get onto the table.



We made the best of a rainy day I hope you try to do the same with your little one. Remember, you can turn any day around….especially after nap time. 😉


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