Adventures in Elimination

Hey friends I hope you are doing well and having fun with your kiddos and family.

Recently, I have decided with my doctor’s guidance, to attempt an elimination diet….life style change. Many have heard of this in reference to breastfeeding, this is not the case for me, Hudson has been weaned for about two weeks. Fingers crossed we are in the clear, anywho back on point. I am trying to make this change because of skin and stomach issues I have had my entire life.  The major problem I have been facing is skin rashes covering my arms and up my neck to my chin. Needless to say allergy medication has been my saving grace for far too long. After reviewing my medical history with a new doctor we came to the conclusion an Elimination Diet was the only option. Of course, the word ELIMINATION sounds awful! I cant have chocolate or wine…what is a girl to do… with very minimal food options I thought for a second…do I want to deny myself and just deal with bad skin and acid re-flux….FOREVER.

After the shock wore off, I agreed it was the best course of action to prevent any more issues with my skin and stomach. And lets be honest every other person you meet is gluten free or this friend is off dairy. People are becoming much more in tune with their bodies and have a better understanding of the connection between health and food.  There are so many gluten free, dairy free, or Paleo (which my doctor recommended I follow) recipes out there, after a little…okay A LOT of, pintresting I was ready for the grocery store. People who know me may…may accuse me of being a tad TYPE A…;-)  So getting organized and having meal plans is the best way for me to ease the transition. My list consisted of Paleo crock pot meals and a few one pan meals and of course lots of veggie snacks.

I will post the recipes throughout this adventure. 12 Paleo Crock Pot Meals 

The biggest issue is being MINDFUL of the food I was buying. I know this may sound strange considering I am a CRUNCHY Mama but I have found myself being more concerned with what Hudson is eating more than myself. Also, I never considered Wheat a problem or Soy which are in almost everything and major NO NOs on the Paleo Elimination Diet. My cart was filled with fresh produce and meat. I felt happier and healthier just looking at it!

After cleaning all the produce and packaging the meat in two-four portioned sizes, I began the crock-pot meals. Most of the recipes are simple and to not require the meat to be cooked before hand, which was amazing to finish during naptime. It may have been due to the extra little hands I had helping.


So far I am on day three. I have say with a little bit of preparation I do not feel deprived. I do miss my glass of wine at night but I will survive….BARELY 😉 I have been a bit more tired than usual and dealing with bouts of headaches, which my doctor warned me about but otherwise feeling pretty darn good. Wish me luck! 18 more days!




  1. Nic those freezer crock pot recipes you gave me were awesome. Im interested to see how this goes for you, I have a feeling your results will surprise you. As you know, we’ve got a gluten freebie, so let me know if you need any help w meal ideas!


  1. […] back I posted about my struggle with my skin and stomach, adventures in elimination. For my whole life I have had eczema, some times it was manageable other times it was a full flown […]

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