Puddles…Oh My!

The other day a storm came raging through our neighborhood. As we watched the raindrops pelt the windows, Hudson could not understand why he wasn’t allowed to  play outside. He spent ten minutes in a tantrum before he realized the storm had passed. Silly Baby! Awhile back Gramma let him play in puddles barefoot and he thought it was the greatest. So when the sun peeked out I decided to let him have some fun!

2014-05-04 19.27.57-1 2014-05-04 19.28.19-1 2014-05-04 19.28.56-1 2014-05-04 19.29.17-1 2014-05-04 19.29.41-2

After,he went straight to a warm bath then snuggle-ie jammies. Let you kiddos learn to dance in the rain….Join them!

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