I’ve been really homesick lately and if I didn’t have Harper I’d prob be going crazy!! I think a lot of it is the turn in weather and normally this time of year we’d be enjoying beautiful Missoula, taking our daily hikes up Blue Mountain, going to the river, you name it, anything outdoors in Missoula that is a 5MIN DRIVE!! It’s flat here with not much going on in the recreational department aside from walks around the neighborhood. Exactly why I whipped out rollerblades to change it up ;).

My sister and mom came to visit last week and it was JUST what I needed! Harper had such a great time and ate up every extra bit of attention! They hadn’t even seen her since she’s been walking! This is the hardest thing about living so far from family is how much they’re missing out on! (And the fact that it would be FAB to have someone to take her for a couple hours here and there for mama and dad to have a date night)! She changes so much every week now it seems! They spoiled her to say the least πŸ˜‰ My sister brought a huge princess tent (that replaced her box house I had made) and I must say it is a lot prettier to look at in our kitchen, the only place it will fit in this small townhouse :).



It was so fun chatting, being entertained by Harp the whole time, sitting outside on the patio in the sun while she played in our fab (NOT) dirt backyard, and just catching up. I put Jamberry wraps on my sister and mom for their first time with cute little accent nails with pics of Harper so they could take a little piece of her home with them πŸ™‚ .



They LOVED their ‘Jamicures’ and I just think it’s so special you can make wraps with the ones you love on them <3!

It was fun showing them around our new town and taking them to our favorite places! We went and had margaritas at the BEST mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to, Don Pedro’s and my mom even had a couple! Her first EVER!!



It was fun cooking them our fave dinners every night and on their last night we took them to our fave restaurant here, JD’s BBQ and my sister had a great idea to bring a container of the bead necklaces she got her for some entertainment…looked like Harp was partyin’ it up to say the least ;).



It was so hard to say goodbye and watch them drive away. We miss Missoula, our friends and family EVERY day and hope we move closer SOON!! It has been great having time to ourselves and FINALLY having a place to call our own but a ten hour drive home with a toddler is just not what anyone would call fun!! πŸ˜‰ Have a great Mother’s Day weekend and if you’re lucky enough to spend Sunday with your mom ENJOY IT! ❀

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