Summer Bucket List

The sun is here to stay in Missoula……FINALLY! We have been spending every morning in the yard. Playing with the hose, tossing rocks, and going down the slide. It has been amazing! Hudson is turning into such a climber that being outside is much more safe…go figure?! Than letting him fall off the bar height table. But there are so many things I want to do with him this summer. He will be so much fun now that he can run around and eats like a teenage boy. I have compiled our summer bucket list of sorts, some are for Hudson others are for Mama.


1. Spend more time at Dragons Hollow, a really great park downtown.

2. Buy as many goodies as possible from the Farmer’s Market

3. Swim lessons at the local pool

4. As many trips to the cabin that we can manage

5. A wonderful trip to Yellowstone National Park

6. Picnics in the backyard

7. Play with the hose as long as he wants

8. Make Homemade Popsicles

9. Ice cream dates

10. A trip to Portland to see Aunties and Uncle…and the ZOO

11. Try some gourmet Hot Dog recipes

12. Lemonade- for Hudson….Margaritas for Mama.

13.  Regular Mamma Coffee mornings with Friends and babies

14. Finally Perfected homemade ICED Coffee (it will save me a FORTUNE)

15. Running through the sprinkler with Hudson

16. Backyard BBQs with Family and Friends

17. Make the Biggest Bubbles

18. Spend time in our Mini Pool 

 I am loving summer this year! For people who know me that will be a SHOCKER! Usually, I am ready for summer to be OVER a week after hitting 90 but my view has changed now having MR.MAN.  Hudson has so much fun roaming the backyard, hiking and playing at the pool. Its amazing how summer has given us a new appreciation for TIME with each other and family. I find myself wanting to take Hudson to places I use to go to as a kid or do things that I did when I was on summer vacation. He is such a curious kiddo which makes everything…..interesting…in the very least. Happy Summer Friends…Soak it up!

2014-05-31 11.54.12 (1)

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