Lions, Tigers and Bears…Oh My!

I am a little late on posting about our Memorial Day….SLACKER. We made a quick trip over to Portland. My brother volunteered to watch my parents dogs while they travel. He does not know what he is gotten himself into. Brinkley is a very sweet dog but he is a puppy and sooo naughty. I have watched him before he dug about five holes in my yard and a chewed a nice hole in a rug. Staying with me was NOT AN OPTION.  So to Portland we went…I did not know what I was getting into. Picture this; Gramma, Me, Twins, a baby and a giant dog….crammed into an SUV….Chaos!..Fun!

Honestly, the drive over wasn’t bad, Hudson was a bit of a wreck and we made entirely too many stops but we FINALLY arrived. Mr.Man ran around the house like a crazy person for about an hour than promptly PASSED out for 10 straight hours. Everyone woke up happy and refreshed. We made a quick stop and Voo Doo Doughnuts……Blazing Blunt….Bacon Maple Bar….etc. After wolfing those down we were on the hunt for coffee. You would think it would be so simple t apparently there was a E.Coli scare in the area the day we arrived. I am an Iced Coffee ADDICT but no one could serve iced coffee, BUMMER! Once everyone got there caffeine fix, including this tired Mama, we decided to wonder the Saturday market.

It was a beautiful day. And Hudson wasn’t too upset about being in his Kelty pack, first time, so why not wonder around. The shops were amazing and the people watching was FAN-Ta-STIC!  I found a few items, a bicycle print bib for H and a super cute apron for me.  There are so many creative people in Portland, we couldn’t get very far before stopping to chat with a shop owner. We were all exhausted, Hudson included. He wouldn’t nap in the pack… STINKER! we headed back to my Brother’s house.




Day two we got an early start thanks to Mr.Man…..6am is not  an acceptable vacation wake-up time. But it was all goo because it was ZOO day! I was more excited than anyone, in my ENTIRE life I had never been to a zoo, shocking right! It took a bit of time for 4 adults, two kids and a todder to get ready in ONE bathroom but we finally got onto the road. My brother and I were pretty confident we knew how to get there…….turns out we did not. We took a minor tour of the industrial park of Portland…..all part of our plan…We FINALLY made our way into the ZOO! I was so excited to see how Hudson would react to the animals.

IMG_0710 IMG_0720 IMG_0756 IMG_0828 IMG_0841 IMG_0820

We had such a great time!


  1. That sleepy pic of him in the pack is to DIE FOR!!

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