Weekend Fun

The past two weekends were spent at our friends cabin. Hudson had a great time but we had a bit of an issue with his life jacket. When we are at the water parks he doesn’t have to wear one. The pools are zero entry and he usually doesn’t go far. But the lake is a different story, I wanted it to be clear that if he was near the water or the hot tub the life jacket must be worn. For a little man who is very opinionated the fight was on! He through a fit for about 45 minutes, he fully understood the new rule but did no necessarily enjoy it. As time went on the life jacket became no big deal….SUCCESS!


We also went Huckleberry picking. Most people do not know what a Huckleberry is, its smaller than a blueberry and tastes likes one but a bit sweeter. They only grow at a certain elevation so its a bit of a drive up a scary single lane mountain road to get them. But they are so worth it. I am dreaming of  huckleberry pancakes until all my jars are empty! Hudson participated once he figured out what everyone was doing, he ate every single one he picked…….He just MIGHT be mine!


We had a great time between the sand sun and waves Mr. Man slept until almost 10am……HOLY COW!We need to go to the lake every day! It had NOTHING to do with the sugar high….there are no rules when on vacation…..except WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET! 😉


Happy Week Friends!

Snack Attack

Hudson is a snacker….that might be partially my fault. I am not one that likes to sit and eat a giant meal. I like to cook them but not necessarily eat it. That may sound strange but its how I roll. Back on point, Hudson eats pretty much non-stop, he can barely sit still for a meal. I have learned to have healthy snacks on had so he can eat on the run..literally. Same goes for me chasing behind…

This past weekend we went to one of my favorite stores…COSTCO!  It is one of the few places I can stock up on fruit and veggies at an affordable price. Hudson has one or both at every meal so we go through it quickly. I get nervous about buying  both in bulk, it breaks my heart and wallet when I have to toss food into the garbage. So this time I came up with a few different ways to get the best out of  our fruit. (Most of which were pintrest inspired.)

These were really easy to make. I put a cup of yogurt into a baggy, but a corner off to make it work like a frosting bag. I put a small dot of yogurt onto the baking sheet, then pressed on a blueberry, than squeezed another dot of yogurt on top. Kind of a blueberry yogurt sandwich. I used about half of the fresh blueberries I had gotten, leaving the rest for pancakes! I put the baking sheet into the freezer to set the yogurt. They are being kept in the freezer for a cool treat!

Yogurt covered blueberries.

Yogurt covered blueberries.

The next task was a similar process for fresh peaches. I am a tad obsessed with peaches, but tis the season! I peeled the peaches before dipping, Hudson tends to struggle with peels still…even with all his chompers! Rather than using a pastry bag….I simply dipped the peaches. Mr. Man had them for breakfast….we have a HIT!


The last snack I made was primarily for myself. I am addicted to peanut butter and bananas….hint hint. This snack was kind of a pain to make because it takes a little more time. It is sliced bananas, a dollop of peanut butter and dipped in chocolate. I know I know that sentence just kept getting better. First, I sliced the bananas into bite size pieces. Second, a small dollop of organic crunchy peanut butter….using one of Hudson’s spoons. Then into the freezer so when the time came to dip they would be easier to work with.  In the meantime I melted organic dark chocolate chips in a small saucepan with a tad of milk. The reason for milt is to give the chocolate a nice sheen and smoothness. I grabbed my frozen bananas and started dropping them in. I wanted to see the peanut butter so I attempted to dip only half….some are not pretty. But all in all they are TASTY and the perfect treat for this sweet tooth….and Hudson’s too!


I hope you give them a try, they have proven to be very convenient and a big hit.

Our 4th!

The 4th of July will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the day Sean and I started dating in 2004…I know I’m OLD ;)! Plus it’s my birthday week and everyone who knows me knows I don’t just celebrate my birthday, it’s a whole week celebration! 🙂 The ONE thing that didn’t happen on our wedding day that I wanted was fireworks lit off over the river after we said our I do’s (I know if that’s all that was missing…perfect day right?!) Well anywho, imagine my excitement when the one..and only..excitement that happens in this town is over the week of the 4th! Yay!! So Harper and I did our nails in some awesome patriotic Jamberry wraps and headed off to the parade the weekend before the 4th! It was Harper’s first parade and she LOVED it!

I can’t get enough of these little toes with Jams on them!!


I don’t know what this face is but I swear she was having fun!



She even waved her flag like a pro! 🙂


I of course had to make a festive new wreath for the door after getting in the spirit after the parade and I just LOVE how it turned out!


So after all of this excitement over the weekend we celebrated my birthday Monday! It was very low key and just perfect with my two faves complete with champagne, purple daisies, lemon meringue in mason jars and pizza!


On Wednesday grandma Jane came to stay with us for a few days! It was so nice having her here! We took her to the lake on a little hike around it, showed her some of our favorite places to eat, and just enjoyed our little entertainer Harper while relaxing!

photo (8)

On the 4th she watched Harp for awhile so Sean and I could have a little date! It was GREAT! After dinner we came home and lit off some little fireworks and sparklers of course…Harper’s face explains what she thought of this stick with fire shooting out of it haha! image_2


Most of the time was spent chasing Harper as she ran to the neighbors to get into stuff on their patio however..as usual 😉



I was excited to finally get a few pics of the three of us since that RARELY happens and we ALL know how much I love pictures! Here are a few of my faves ❤


I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday!



Let Freedom Ring

This weekend is 4th of July…if you haven’t heard.We are planning to spend time with family and friends. Hudson was so little last year he couldn’t even keep his eyes open for the fireworks, so I am exceptionally excited for him to see them this year!

Also, Hudson has had a couple festive breakfasts this week. I was excited to make him festive meals but he could have cared less….his goal…gobble as fast as possible so he could go play.

Raspberries, bananas and apples with a blueberry pancake

Mini bagel with plain cream cheese, strawberry and blueberry slices

Most people will be spending the long weekend at lake, hanging out at the pool or watching fireworks at a family Barbecue. The Fourth of July is not only a day to party but a day to remember those who cannot be with their families. Either they are deployed or never made it home. My husband spent 8 years in the Army with three deployments, the last being during my first pregnancy. As a former Army Wife, Independence Day means so much more to us! Jordan and I remember friends who did not make it home and the hurt their families must feel. I do not want to ruin the PARTY but am asking for you to remember those who gave all. Have a drink in their memory or take a moment of silence. Freedom isn’t free!

             jlp0390 jlp0391      

Have fun this Fourth of July weekend and remember those who cannot be with their families! Be safe friends!




Country Ho-Down!

This past weekend family friends invited us to a three day country music festival, Headwaters Country Jam. I LOVE country music so of course I said YES. However, Hudson was going to have to come, which is perfectly okay but it put me a little on edge. Our campsite was right outside of the main stage….YIKES!..for a toddler who likes peace and quiet for sleep. The last concert of the night wrapped up at 11pm. But I was hopeful it would all go well, I have been trying to relax more, go with the flow.

Mr. Man napped for most of the drive, waking up right as we pulled into the venue, Off to a good start! After we were situated in our camper we ventured into the arena to see what there was to do while we waited for the music to start.

Running amuck at the campsite.

Epic bedhead……someone slept well.



The music began around 3, different bands or solo acts played for an hour then on to the next. The line-ups were great, the headliners were my favorite, Dustin Lynch and Montgomery Gentry. We also enjoyed Chase Rice. Hudson was a trooper through it all, he spent most of the time in his Kelty Pack or playing with grass on the ground in front of me. He slept through the late shows and fell asleep in his pack during Montgomery Gentry. He was all partied out!


We had a great time! Thank Kim and Roy for the invitation and the VIP treatment.