Snack Attack

Hudson is a snacker….that might be partially my fault. I am not one that likes to sit and eat a giant meal. I like to cook them but not necessarily eat it. That may sound strange but its how I roll. Back on point, Hudson eats pretty much non-stop, he can barely sit still for a meal. I have learned to have healthy snacks on had so he can eat on the run..literally. Same goes for me chasing behind…

This past weekend we went to one of my favorite stores…COSTCO!  It is one of the few places I can stock up on fruit and veggies at an affordable price. Hudson has one or both at every meal so we go through it quickly. I get nervous about buying  both in bulk, it breaks my heart and wallet when I have to toss food into the garbage. So this time I came up with a few different ways to get the best out of  our fruit. (Most of which were pintrest inspired.)

These were really easy to make. I put a cup of yogurt into a baggy, but a corner off to make it work like a frosting bag. I put a small dot of yogurt onto the baking sheet, then pressed on a blueberry, than squeezed another dot of yogurt on top. Kind of a blueberry yogurt sandwich. I used about half of the fresh blueberries I had gotten, leaving the rest for pancakes! I put the baking sheet into the freezer to set the yogurt. They are being kept in the freezer for a cool treat!

Yogurt covered blueberries.

Yogurt covered blueberries.

The next task was a similar process for fresh peaches. I am a tad obsessed with peaches, but tis the season! I peeled the peaches before dipping, Hudson tends to struggle with peels still…even with all his chompers! Rather than using a pastry bag….I simply dipped the peaches. Mr. Man had them for breakfast….we have a HIT!


The last snack I made was primarily for myself. I am addicted to peanut butter and bananas….hint hint. This snack was kind of a pain to make because it takes a little more time. It is sliced bananas, a dollop of peanut butter and dipped in chocolate. I know I know that sentence just kept getting better. First, I sliced the bananas into bite size pieces. Second, a small dollop of organic crunchy peanut butter….using one of Hudson’s spoons. Then into the freezer so when the time came to dip they would be easier to work with.  In the meantime I melted organic dark chocolate chips in a small saucepan with a tad of milk. The reason for milt is to give the chocolate a nice sheen and smoothness. I grabbed my frozen bananas and started dropping them in. I wanted to see the peanut butter so I attempted to dip only half….some are not pretty. But all in all they are TASTY and the perfect treat for this sweet tooth….and Hudson’s too!


I hope you give them a try, they have proven to be very convenient and a big hit.

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