Chalkboard Project

Hudson loves being outside so I have spent a lot time trying to make our outdoor space kid friendly and safe. I felt he was lacking in the toy department…..:-) Mr. Man enjoys “DAW-ing” and “CALK.” A Chalkboard wall..why not! I had all the supplies for months…not sure how to start. Luckily,Uncle Beau came to visit and said he was BORED. My brother is extremely creative and knows how to use power tools so I set him up with the Chalkboard Project.

Uncle Beau ran with it! First, paint the large piece of MDF board (or plywood if you want, 16$ at Home Depot) with primer to seal the wood and prevent rotting. Home depot will cut the board to whatever size you need. After the primer is dry, paint with chalkboard paint. We opted to mount the board BEFORE painting it with Chalkboard paint….would not recommend it. Out thinking was it would dry faster which it did but my fence has permanent paint stains on it. I was unsure of how to mount the large piece of wood, this is where Uncle comes in. Safety was a top priority for me. Uncle Beau had to add a 2×4 to the back of the fence so he could use larger screws. Lets just say that thing does not budge! Thanks brother.

My brother really wanted to build a shelf to hold  the chalk…this is his creative brain kicking in but I decided to make it easy. We used a small plastic cup that he attached to the fence at Hudson level. We also drilled small holes in the bottom to let water drain. In total the project took 4 hours or less…. An easy project for nap time!

 Hudson is obsessed with his chalkboard, a little rain or hose he can start all over!

Every play date we have the kiddos flock to the chalkboard wall, I may or may not enjoy it too…..

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