Cleaning Schedule

Most days Hudson and I move slowly and carefree throughout the day. By nap time, I haven’t even gotten dressed. I know, I know TERRIBLE! We usually don’t rush out the door in the morning. I will read to Hudson or push cars around the floor with him. Pure Joy for both of us. Lately, the household chores have been pushed to the back burner, which is ok from time to time.  But it becomes a problem when there are dust bunnies piling up behind the TV or dog fur tumbleweeds blowing across the floor…YUCK. It is time for a change.

I found many different cleaning schedules online, but none that were perfect for us. Some were too specific, I know to load my dishwasher and unload it. Others would take 2 hours  a day to do, which would not work either. I had to figure out what worked for our household needs and how much time I wanted to clean a day, which is different for everyone. After careful consideration I had my schedule.

Next, I needed to gather the supplies. Supplies: Picture frame, scrapbook paper and glue. I figured this project would be quick and easy, until my printer stopped working……30 minutes later I was ready to go. Unfortunately, my printer struggle woke Hudson up……1.5 hour nap….PERFECT! After, giving Hudson a snack and turning on cartoons so I could finish up. I was back to work. It only took about 15 minutes to glue everything together.

IMG_20140806_150207964_HDR  IMG_20140806_150142448

I feel productive checking things off all day long. The cleaning schedule only takes about 30 minutes to do. Some may take a little longer but I can get them done before Hudson wakes up or during nap time.


Happy Cleaning Friends!

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