Family Update

All is well in our house…FINALLY! I know we have been MIA for far too long. We have been going from one sickness to another and sharing it with everyone around. It has been a long month. I swear we are usually very healthy, I am not sure how the heck we were knocked down. I am a freak about hand sanitizer and wiping shopping carts… has NOTHING to do with the fact Hudson likes to lick the shopping cart before I can wipe it down.

We started off with a terrible virus. Hudson and I were really cranky and in no mood to do anything. Fever, chills, and congestion. Once we recovered from that we both got the stomach flu. Mr.Man has never thrown up, needless to say it was interesting. Luckily, he felt much better quickly but me, gramma and aunties were knocked down for DAYS. We also shared with Papa and Daddy when they came back from work.

I scoured our house from top to bottom, with essential DoTerra oils; Frankincense, On Guard, and Lemon. Frankincense and On Guard are antibacterial and all over immune support. Lemon is a non-toxic cleaner, plus it smells AMAZING. Oils work great and I swear by them. In addition to DoTerra, I sanitized all the counter tops, doorknobs, light switches and any surface little fingers could touch. We are definitely on the mend now. I will be back posting in a day or so.


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