Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I know I am posting a little late but I completely unplugged over the holiday. Hudson turned 2 on Thanksgiving this year. So we started our day off with something a little silly but festive.


Pretty Cute HUH?! I baked store bought cinnamon rolls,cooked up peppered bacon, (350 degrees for about 12 minutes..or longer depending on how crispy you like it…changed my life), and cut berries. I quartered the strawberries and halved the blueberries. Hudson ate every single bit! Of course he did not appreciate my art skills but what do you expect from a toddler….

I am thankful for family, friends and our health. Hudson is growing like crazy and I am soaking up every single second of it. My family is the greatest and I am so happy they are all mine. Jordan and I are happy and healthy which is all we could really ask for. What are you thankful for?

Be thankful Friends!


Vroom Vroom….Beep Beep

Hudson will be 2 tomorrow!!! I cannot believe how the time flew by my little baby is a full blown toddler. It is so crazy to think about. Before things get busy with family in town, parties and dinner to make I wanted to share Hudson’s Birthday Party.

He is obsessed with trucks, trains and tractors. So I opted for an on-the-go party. There are a TON of suggestions and ideas on pintrest for this type of party. I had to so much fun getting everything gathered and set up. I would recommend a notebook to keep everything straight. I wrote out the guest list, the food names and food items needed. Hudson’s party was at 11:30 am so I set up as much as possible the night before. Prepped all the food so the morning would be smooth sailing…. (Do you see what I did there…)


IMG_20141116_104652512 (1)     IMG_20141116_104645286


Hudsons’ cake was made from my friend Ali from Plum Cakery. She made his cake last year, you can check it out here. She is our OFFICIAL family baker. Her cakes are delicious and she does amazing work.


Most of the food names I found on pintrest and the decorations were bought at Target, as well as Party pail was amazing. Lots of choices and good prices, I also received all the items in three days, which helped since I wanted to set up as much as possible ahead of time.

We served veggies, fruit, chicken nuggets, cake and little candies. The kids could choose from orange juice or water. Parents were offered coffee, hot apple cider, bloody mary’s, mimosas,…(no SHAME..). Let’s me honest a little alcohol makes a kid’s birthday more bearable. I also thought the drink choices fitted with a brunch option since the party started at 11:30 am.

I ordered the invitations from MerrimintPress from Etsy. She was great to work with and worked quickly which was perfect since I was a little late on sending invitations out.

Thank You (1)

Hudson had such a great day with friends and family. I hope we helped with your little’s next birthday. What are your time saving tips for party planning?

Christmas Ideas for Girls (and boys too)!

Since Nic gave you guys some GREAT ideas for boys, wanted to give you some ideas for girls and what is on Harper’s “wish list” this year! Although a LOT of these items are unisex! EVEN BETTER! Anyone who knows me knows I’m already done with my shopping…and I have been for awhile 😉 So here it is!

I’m all about having one big present under the tree on Christmas morn & Harper just happens to be a bit obsessed with chairs right now (wonder who’s daughter she is) 😉 PERFECT idea for a big gift. So I had been searching FOREVER for one that

1-would fit in our tiny living room

2-wasn’t outrageously priced but was still good quality

3- would semi go with our decor. A friend of mine told me to check out the Amazon warehouse deals, they have daily deals as well as items that have a broken box and such that they can’t sell for the original price! (I’m an Amazon fanatic… how did I not know about this???) SO I checked it out and scored this little number that I myself want to live in!! It had a broken box that was all taped up so I got it for $40 mini ottoman included!!


I’m trying to stay away from clothes this year for gifts for Christmas but am dying over these new santa shirts I ordered us from a little shop I’ve supported for a long time called SaSea, I think Harp has every holiday shirt she has ever made.. I was going to buy them last year but didn’t so knew when they came back out I was gonna order them. This pre-order also came with a matching santa tote 🙂 How COOL right?!! They are the softest shirts ever and I love the baseball sleeve style! I love doing mama and mini and can’t wait to get some pics in these…WILL be wearing these Christmas morn for SURE!

 youthsant adultsant

Harpster is really getting into puzzles and her brain is taking everything in right now so what better gift then this set of awesome wooden puzzles! I love Melissa & Doug brand everything and these are adorable, durable and affordable, colors, numbers and letters?!! Sign us up!


Get them here!

I also think now is the perfect time to work on fun learning games like these cubes! At almost two “Fun” learning is the best right? Again Melissa & Doug found here!


So I’m all about trying to save money, around the holidays especially, who isn’t right? ALWAYS looking to find a deal, not pay shipping, never pay full price. We have a local “Mama’s Marketplace” page on Facebook here, check these out people! I’m SURE locally you have something of this sort! I pretty much refuse to buy new baby and toddler toys that will most likely get played with for approximately an hour then thrown at the dog never to be touched again.. I think I must get it from my mom, a Goodwill regular who has found our entire family some insanely amazing “preloved” things!! I’ve picked up SO much for Harper in the past few months and already pretty much have her birthday done as well! I’ve scored a whole giant set of Mr. Potato head & fam, a Little Tikes baby crib, an outdoor play gym, as well as SO many other things! These dolls from the Disney Store are among the awesomeness I’ve purchased, all three for $10! She is SO into dolls right now she’s gonna LOVE them I just know it!


So for your littles check into used things!! They are not going to know the difference I promise! Your husband will thank you in the end 😉 Hope these ideas help anyone who is in a Christmas shopping rut! Happy Holidays!

Christmas Shopping

Hey friends, I am jumping on my Christmas list this year. As organized as I usually am, my Christmas list gets away from me every year. Shopping well into December, never really allowing myself to Enjoy the Holidays. So this year since Hudson is as such a fun age to start family traditions I have vowed to have my shopping list DONE by December 1st. I know I can do it, I just have to stay focused and on budget. I have compiled a list of Toddler Boy ideas for you and your little ones. This is based on Hudson’s interests and his friends. I hope it helps you get a jump on your lists.

So Christmas eve I plan on letting Hudson open one gift, containing new Christmas jammies, a fun new book, a snack and hot cocoa, which he has been quite fond of lately. I tend to buy Hudson’s jammies at Carters, Gap or Old Navy. The price point is perfect and most often I have a coupon code to save a little extra. Here are some of my favorites from Gap, how cute would your little one look coming down to open gifts in these jems or these adorable duds. Plus, a pair of cute slippers, I can already see the adorable photos of Christmas morning.

HoHOHO Tree  NorthPole


Gift Ideas Boys (and Girls)

It may only be Hudson, but anything on wheels has become the best toy ever. I have to carry at minimum two trucks in the diaper bag at all times. This year will will probably stay on that theme. I found these cute toys on a trip to Portland, they are Green Toys, all are made from recycled material and minimal packaging. Hudson has a couple of their trucks and they can hold up to a rough and tumbler toddler. I usually use Amazon because we have free shipping. The trucks are sold on too, which has more selection. The tractor with trailer would be a hit as well as the dump truck, so Hudson could collect random items for them to carry. I am a HUGE fan of wooden toys, Hudson has a few and has barely been able to put a dent in them.

Tractor  DumpTruckWorkBench   img18o

Hudson loves trucks but he also enjoys playing with my pots and pans, under my feet in the kitchen. Usually while I am trying to make dinner, it makes for an entertaining dance. I am hoping that if he has his own kitchen with pots and pans we will leave mine alone……Fingers Crossed! I have found a couple online but none in stores not to thrilled about the cost of shipping but it just might be worth it. The one below would be a definite win for Hudson I just have to get the Husby on board! The work bench might be an easier sell. Also, this one from Pottery Barn would be great!


Happy Shopping Friends! Stay tuned for more gift guides.

Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day will always hold a special place in my heart. Jordan and I met right before he deployed for the first time, to Iraq and then two tours in Afghanistan. I have always been so proud of his sacrifice to our country among the men who did not make it home. So today take a moment to think of those who will never come home or who far away from their loved ones.


2209_529643343566_362_n 2209_529643348556_1436_n  10628183_741751212539082_6793938327936553968_n 1918269_407742474858_907564_n 38836_10150219095520162_413377_n 22444_562813774756_5045657_n

It is not just a day off its a day to be thankful for men and women who would give it all for the United States! Thank you to all Veteran’s past, present, and future.


Hudson’s First Birthday

Hudson’s 2nd birthday party is this weekend. I cannot believe he will be two already, time flies when you are having fun. We are doing it early this year, his actual birthday is on Thanksgiving day so we had to plan to do it a little earlier. It will be a regular thing for the rest of his life every few years it will be on Thanksgiving. For me I would love it, tons of food and football pretty good birthday if you ask me.

Hudson is obsessed with trucks, trains and planes, anything that rolls or flies. So we decided on an On-the-GO party. I think he will love it but get mad that I am using some of his toys as decoration…..he will just have to deal. But first I wanted to share pictures and decorations from his 1st Birthday, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


All the decorations I made myself using a Cricut, I borrowed from a friend. The cake was made at Plum Cakery. They do custom cakes, my friend from High School made it and will be doing this years cake as well. .

1397802_10100145025694376_74831457_o 1397802_10100145025689386_1484550102_o 603140_10100145025684396_1601733206_n

I was IN LOVE with Hudson’s cake, I could barely cut into it. It was so tasty too.

1415251_10100145048334006_899820052_o 1415251_10100145048324026_791176164_o 1403517_10100145049756156_2088376668_o 1403517_10100145049736196_22926435_o

The Cricut, made making all the signs very simple once I figured out sizing and the right way to type in the codes. I loved how the signs turned out. I couldn’t buy anything that wasn’t cheesy. I wanted it to be cute without looking ridiculous.

1415251_10100145048338996_673883207_o 1403517_10100145049751166_1857892849_o 1403517_10100145049746176_293995607_o 1403517_10100145049741186_1158590785_o

Any who, the other sweets are Pumpkin bars, a family recipe. The chocolate cupcakes are a boxed recipe and mini Oreo’s for ears. We served two different types of chili for the adults.


My grandma, Hudson’s Great Grandma, insisted she get him a cake of his very own. She was so happy to give it to Hudson to make a mess with. And He did not disappoint, it did take him a minute to dive in but once he did he had fun.

1403379_10100145027430896_1844461918_o 1403379_10100145027425906_1289182790_o

1403379_10100145027440876_1681886611_o 1403379_10100145027435886_727116457_o

1401357_10100145028603546_82098796_o 1401357_10100145028598556_1458142234_o

Hudson did not do great with unwrapping presents he only wanted to play with the tissue paper or box, typical One year old right?!

1401357_10100145028613526_1297746620_o 1401357_10100145028608536_609383982_o 1403624_10100145029342066_1792437589_o

All in all we had the BEST time with his first birthday. Its a bittersweet moment am I right. I spent the whole time hoping for him to get older so he would sleep or talk or crawl. Then BAM! First birthday.


Word to the wise, just enjoy each second and every milestone. They will go flying by. Now onto my sweet boys 2nd Birthday….tears will fall I promise you.

Halloween Wrap Up

Is it just me or did October FLY by. I am not complaining because it means we are that much closer to the Holiday Season. We LOVE Christmas in our house.  But, back on point, we had a busy October. Pumpkin patches, Carving parties and Trick or Treating. Hudson is at a very fun age for us to start our own family traditions. Jordan was away a lot during Hudson’s first year with work so we didn’t really set any of our own traditions, but this year we are well on our way.

First up, our trek to the pumpkin patch. There is a local farm we always go to, their pumpkins are the best and they have the best prices. I also like to help out the local small businesses too, so a win all around.

                                IMG_20141102_113059  IMG_20141102_113146

Mr. Man had the most fun climbing over EVERY single pumpkin. Until, he spotted the owner driving a tractor, he could not take his eyes off him.

IMG_20141102_113124  IMG_20141102_113034

After, we loaded just a few pumpkins into the trunk…all for the low price of  6$! I told you best prices ever!

We were ready for our Carving party the next day. Jordan is not one to love parties but he was on board for this one. SCORE! I was really excited to have family and friends over to get in the Halloween Spirit. I am not one that usually gets really pumped for Halloween, its not my favorite holiday. I quit dressing up at age 12. But with Hudson every holiday seems so much more magical!

We set up for the party during Hudson’s nap time, Husby even helped…Double Score!I ended up making a giant pot of chili, inexpensive, everyone could make their bowl they way they like it and So Tasty. We had all the mix-ins and dip-ins set up for everyone to pick and choose from. I found a few different Fall drinks on Pintrest, so I combined a couple recipes to make ours, Apple Cider Champagne. A bottle of champagne, bottle of apple cider champagne, and cinnamon sticks. For the non-drinkers, I through together a pot of Hot Apple Cider. Again no exact measurements, a bottle of plain apple cider, a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg and all-spice,  roughly two tablespoons of caramel sauce. I tossed in sliced apples for flare. Let is simmer all afternoon in the crock pot. Drink UP Friends!

IMG_20141102_103359 IMG_20141102_103430 IMG_20141102_103452 IMG_20141102_103442 IMG_20141102_103501 IMG_20141102_103524

I wanted the clean up to be really simply. I used a dollar store table cloth to cover my carpet then craft paper from end to end of our dining room. I taped down both it worked like a charm we simply rolled it up and tossed it into the trash. I found ONE pumpkin seed on the floor.

20141024_190345 20141024_190348

Last year Hudson HATED the pumpkin guts but this year jumped right in. My Step-dad drilled all the tops off. I had collected decorating kits from the store slowly as well as stickers for the little ones to do rather than carving. We also used glow sticks or tea lights for the end result. Most the kids lasted 3 minutes and the parents were left to finish every single one. We had a blast!

IMG_20141024_203633378 IMG_20141024_203552763


Lastly, the day of trick or treating. Hudson was a pirate this year, he is mildly obsessed. I made his costume with finds from our local Goodwill for a whopping 8$, I would say that is budget friendly. The night before he wore every piece of his costume happily, the day of was a completely different story. He woke up really grumpy so we only got a few pictures of him. I am hoping next year Husby will be here so we can do a family costume. Fingers Crossed Jordan will participate! My dad LOVES Halloween so he volunteered to hand out candy while I took Hudson out. It was so much fun, until Hudson was scared $h!tless by a creepy doll lunging at him at or second house. He would not let me put him down. Every house we went to after he would say “Scare me.” Poor little guy. Towards the end he was chasing after his Aunties but could careless about the candy. All in all this was my favorite October since Hudson was born.

IMG_20141102_133350 IMG_20141102_133441

IMG_20141102_133232   IMG_20141102_133259                                                                                                                   IMG_20141102_133159

On to Little Man’s birthday festivities and Fa-la-la Christmas!!!!!