Halloween Wrap Up

Is it just me or did October FLY by. I am not complaining because it means we are that much closer to the Holiday Season. We LOVE Christmas in our house.  But, back on point, we had a busy October. Pumpkin patches, Carving parties and Trick or Treating. Hudson is at a very fun age for us to start our own family traditions. Jordan was away a lot during Hudson’s first year with work so we didn’t really set any of our own traditions, but this year we are well on our way.

First up, our trek to the pumpkin patch. There is a local farm we always go to, their pumpkins are the best and they have the best prices. I also like to help out the local small businesses too, so a win all around.

                                IMG_20141102_113059  IMG_20141102_113146

Mr. Man had the most fun climbing over EVERY single pumpkin. Until, he spotted the owner driving a tractor, he could not take his eyes off him.

IMG_20141102_113124  IMG_20141102_113034

After, we loaded just a few pumpkins into the trunk…all for the low price of  6$! I told you best prices ever!

We were ready for our Carving party the next day. Jordan is not one to love parties but he was on board for this one. SCORE! I was really excited to have family and friends over to get in the Halloween Spirit. I am not one that usually gets really pumped for Halloween, its not my favorite holiday. I quit dressing up at age 12. But with Hudson every holiday seems so much more magical!

We set up for the party during Hudson’s nap time, Husby even helped…Double Score!I ended up making a giant pot of chili, inexpensive, everyone could make their bowl they way they like it and So Tasty. We had all the mix-ins and dip-ins set up for everyone to pick and choose from. I found a few different Fall drinks on Pintrest, so I combined a couple recipes to make ours, Apple Cider Champagne. A bottle of champagne, bottle of apple cider champagne, and cinnamon sticks. For the non-drinkers, I through together a pot of Hot Apple Cider. Again no exact measurements, a bottle of plain apple cider, a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg and all-spice,  roughly two tablespoons of caramel sauce. I tossed in sliced apples for flare. Let is simmer all afternoon in the crock pot. Drink UP Friends!

IMG_20141102_103359 IMG_20141102_103430 IMG_20141102_103452 IMG_20141102_103442 IMG_20141102_103501 IMG_20141102_103524

I wanted the clean up to be really simply. I used a dollar store table cloth to cover my carpet then craft paper from end to end of our dining room. I taped down both it worked like a charm we simply rolled it up and tossed it into the trash. I found ONE pumpkin seed on the floor.

20141024_190345 20141024_190348

Last year Hudson HATED the pumpkin guts but this year jumped right in. My Step-dad drilled all the tops off. I had collected decorating kits from the store slowly as well as stickers for the little ones to do rather than carving. We also used glow sticks or tea lights for the end result. Most the kids lasted 3 minutes and the parents were left to finish every single one. We had a blast!

IMG_20141024_203633378 IMG_20141024_203552763


Lastly, the day of trick or treating. Hudson was a pirate this year, he is mildly obsessed. I made his costume with finds from our local Goodwill for a whopping 8$, I would say that is budget friendly. The night before he wore every piece of his costume happily, the day of was a completely different story. He woke up really grumpy so we only got a few pictures of him. I am hoping next year Husby will be here so we can do a family costume. Fingers Crossed Jordan will participate! My dad LOVES Halloween so he volunteered to hand out candy while I took Hudson out. It was so much fun, until Hudson was scared $h!tless by a creepy doll lunging at him at or second house. He would not let me put him down. Every house we went to after he would say “Scare me.” Poor little guy. Towards the end he was chasing after his Aunties but could careless about the candy. All in all this was my favorite October since Hudson was born.

IMG_20141102_133350 IMG_20141102_133441

IMG_20141102_133232   IMG_20141102_133259                                                                                                                   IMG_20141102_133159

On to Little Man’s birthday festivities and Fa-la-la Christmas!!!!!

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