Hudson’s First Birthday

Hudson’s 2nd birthday party is this weekend. I cannot believe he will be two already, time flies when you are having fun. We are doing it early this year, his actual birthday is on Thanksgiving day so we had to plan to do it a little earlier. It will be a regular thing for the rest of his life every few years it will be on Thanksgiving. For me I would love it, tons of food and football pretty good birthday if you ask me.

Hudson is obsessed with trucks, trains and planes, anything that rolls or flies. So we decided on an On-the-GO party. I think he will love it but get mad that I am using some of his toys as decoration…..he will just have to deal. But first I wanted to share pictures and decorations from his 1st Birthday, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


All the decorations I made myself using a Cricut, I borrowed from a friend. The cake was made at Plum Cakery. They do custom cakes, my friend from High School made it and will be doing this years cake as well. .

1397802_10100145025694376_74831457_o 1397802_10100145025689386_1484550102_o 603140_10100145025684396_1601733206_n

I was IN LOVE with Hudson’s cake, I could barely cut into it. It was so tasty too.

1415251_10100145048334006_899820052_o 1415251_10100145048324026_791176164_o 1403517_10100145049756156_2088376668_o 1403517_10100145049736196_22926435_o

The Cricut, made making all the signs very simple once I figured out sizing and the right way to type in the codes. I loved how the signs turned out. I couldn’t buy anything that wasn’t cheesy. I wanted it to be cute without looking ridiculous.

1415251_10100145048338996_673883207_o 1403517_10100145049751166_1857892849_o 1403517_10100145049746176_293995607_o 1403517_10100145049741186_1158590785_o

Any who, the other sweets are Pumpkin bars, a family recipe. The chocolate cupcakes are a boxed recipe and mini Oreo’s for ears. We served two different types of chili for the adults.


My grandma, Hudson’s Great Grandma, insisted she get him a cake of his very own. She was so happy to give it to Hudson to make a mess with. And He did not disappoint, it did take him a minute to dive in but once he did he had fun.

1403379_10100145027430896_1844461918_o 1403379_10100145027425906_1289182790_o

1403379_10100145027440876_1681886611_o 1403379_10100145027435886_727116457_o

1401357_10100145028603546_82098796_o 1401357_10100145028598556_1458142234_o

Hudson did not do great with unwrapping presents he only wanted to play with the tissue paper or box, typical One year old right?!

1401357_10100145028613526_1297746620_o 1401357_10100145028608536_609383982_o 1403624_10100145029342066_1792437589_o

All in all we had the BEST time with his first birthday. Its a bittersweet moment am I right. I spent the whole time hoping for him to get older so he would sleep or talk or crawl. Then BAM! First birthday.


Word to the wise, just enjoy each second and every milestone. They will go flying by. Now onto my sweet boys 2nd Birthday….tears will fall I promise you.

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