Root Mineral Makeup

So recently I was in the running to become one of 10 models to represent the Root makeup company and was chosen!! I figured I’d share the love and let all of you in on this greatness! I found this makeup line (made in Waverly, IA) less than a year ago & since have bought basically every product made! This is an ALL NATURAL, Vegan line that uses NO fillers like so many others, only minerals! Being a busy Mama, makeup isn’t the first thing on my to-do list, however I like feeling put together without the hassle of sitting in front of a mirror for an hour. Also being all natural is huge for me, especially when it comes to balms and lipsticks, I don’t want to be putting toxins into my baby girl when giving her kisses! Recently I read you shouldn’t put anything on your face you wouldn’t eat…think about that the next time you put on your makeup…those toxins sink right into your body.

Let’s talk Pearl Powder for a moment. The coverage of this foundation is completely flawless and lasts all day until washed off. It’s also so light you can’t tell you even have anything on! I really have never used anything like this. I sometimes add a few drops of water to some powder in the lid of the jar to make an even more full coverage liquid makeup as well! You can even buy small sample jars for just $2 to find your color before buying a full size! Here’s a great guide to find your perfect color! Below are some different looks and links to what I’m wearing 🙂 Follow me on Instagram @rootprettychristine for more looks and upcoming deals! This team is making new products almost daily and just came out with some FAB lipsticks that I’m so in love with!


Here I’m wearing Pretty Booster Medium as well as my Pearl Powder foundation shade 4+6 custom mix, light bronze and Posey as blush. Eyes I used In the Navy as a liner and shadow and lined under eye with Diamond shadow and applied the FABULOUS new Root 100% natural, vegan mascara, the only mascara I will EVER wear again. Also wearing Gossip Pretty Balm. (These tinted balms are amazing you guys)


This look was achieved using Pretty Booster Medium again, Pearl Powder 4+6 mix, Light Bronzer and Posey blush on my face, then to give those eyes a pop I used Posey on my lids over a liner of Black Beauty, applied wet and Diamond under my eye as a highlighter, also applied wet! Before applying Root mascara I always dust my face with Setting Silk which gives everything a good set as well as eliminates that dewy look that can happen throughout the day! On my lips I’m wearing Gossip Pretty Balm.


Here’s a good shot of how amazing this mascara is!! It really is the best EVER guys! It’s really light so it doesn’t weigh your lashes down and is water resistant too! GET SOME! And last but not least, here’s a special for all of you!


Use code rootchristine at Root checkout to get a FREE eyeshadow! I hope you check this stuff out and love it as much as I do! Don’t forget to follow @rootprettychristine on IG for more deals and new products!  XoXxO

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