Be Kind

Happy Tuesday friends! I have been thinking a lot about how it seems people have become more rude.  Parents oblivious to their kiddo pushing another at the playground or talking loudly on their phone while waiting in line.  I would guess you run into rudeness on a daily basis? Am I right? Sometimes being the offender. I know I have, it is never intentional and I rarely notice the side glances from people. But i have been wondering why? Why has rudeness become our new normal.

I read an article the other day speaking on this very topic (Current Parents magazine). It pointed out how the use of technology has caused people to become more rude in general. Text messages can easily be sent if you decide last minute not to go to an event, with a little emoji. You can ignore a call with a swipe of your finger. Make a snide comment online, than be nice to the person face to face. It’s easy, technology has allowed us to distance ourselves from people. After reading the article, I decided I would make an effort to put technology down. Pay attention to the people around me.

So firsts things first, give Hudson my attention. Like real attention, get on the floor with him and play with him. Make a craft, stack trucks, or read a billion books. The second leave my phone alone while grocery shopping or perusing the racks at Target. The last is, be kinder to people while I am out, move a cart away from someones car or leave a quarter on the candy machine for someone else, etc.

So, Hudson and I were at the check out the other day, the lady behind me was creeping closer and closer to my cart. I normally would have given her the cold shoulder but as we waited in line she began to swear and yell at her friend about how she shouldn’t have waited for her because now she was going to be late. The whole time I was getting more and more upset as she dropped the F-word in front of my son and hers. I though it was out of line. But instead of saying something mean to her, I offered her my place in line. She had about three items to my FULL cart. I could see the relief cross her face. Who am I to say she was out of line (other than the F-word)  maybe she was late for something very important or maybe she was just plain rude. Either way the extra 5 minutes of waiting was not a big deal and maybe it was the break she needed to turn her day around. I will never know! But since I was paying attention and responded with kindness someone elses’ may have gotten a little better.


All I am saying it random acts of kindness could change someones day and they might be more likely to pay it forward. My goal is to be kinder to people and keep my rudeness in check. Answer that call, spend time with people in person rather than on Facebook, Hold the door for the person behind me.

Pay it forward friends and be less rude to one another.

Bath Time GLOW

We have been trying to get back to somewhat of a routine after the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. As I am sure all of you are too. I will take any suggestions on how to make it happen?! (HELP) Hudson has not been participating well. He will not go to sleep until 10-10:30 which is awful and wakes up at 6:30. Translation one cranky toddler every day and one tired mama. He has been whiny and fighting me on everything. Including, bath time, which is so strange for him. Usually, I find him fully clothed sitting in the tub waiting for the water.

I had to think of something to get him happily into the tub so we could get back on track and into bed at a reasonable time. I remembered at Halloween he found a glow stick and I tossed into the tub. He thought it was pretty cool. What could be more fun, uh an entire container of glow sticks! Let’s just say he was ticked when he had to get OUT of the tub. But he was in bed much earlier! WINNING!

IMG_20150107_213713  IMG_20150107_213756


IMG_20150107_213929  IMG_20150108_073601

What tricks to you have to get your kiddo back on track?

Happy Thursday Friends!


Snowed IN

Hey Friends! It has been FREEZING in Montana, lately. Colder than usual.  I love winter and snow but its been a bit too cold.  We have been watching the snow fall for days, but its just too cold to let Hudson play outside in it. It takes me longer to get him in his snow suit than he will last outside. He asks me every day, “Mama, outside play snow…OK?” Breaks my heart to tell him no because he enjoys it so much all 10 minutes.

So I decided to bring the snow inside! I know…madness, we have hardwood floors so clean up is a breeze and its only water. We did it last year and he spent hours playing, this year I added food dye. An opportunity to work on identifying colors and to amaze my child, because soon mom will be so LAME.

IMG_20141230_180339793  IMG_20141230_180343822


 (Sorry for the blurry photo, a photographer I am not.)

What is your go to activity to stave off cabin fever?

Have Fun Friends!


Onto a New Year

Happy 2015 friends! I hope you had a great start to your new year. We spent the night with my whole family at my grandparents, playing board games and sharing stories. It was prefect. We partied until  10:30…..oh yeah keep up. Hudson passed out the second we got home and I rang in the new year with a glass of wine in my jammies, watching a movie. The only change would have been for Husby to be in town but otherwise I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Ah where to start! The last year has been amazing. Watching Hudson grow into a determined, stubborn and smart little boy has been one of the greatest part of motherhood so far. Husby and I have found a rhythm as parents to an opinionated toddler. It has had its ups and downs for sure but would not change it for the world. Our year was full of days spent with friends and family. A little bit of travel and trying to blog as often as possible. What was the best part of 2014 for you?

10881699_10205625431738155_5241649708202443764_n  10888683_10205625432538175_2313145236112623655_n



1375896_10205625432658178_6625867208077249064_n  10896887_10205625432058163_8235978084387492212_n

I usually spend days trying to figure out my resolutions. Last year, I wrote them all down and signed it,kind of contract with myself. It definitely helped. But this year I have not found a NEED to make unrealistic resolutions. I usually beat myself up if I fall short. This year is the year of being content and try not to expect too much. Spend more time being present in our day to day. I tend to worry and obsess about cleaning or organizing over helping Hudson make it! Happiness begins at Home.

I would really like to focus on staying at home more. We usually figure out a reason to leave the house every day but it usually results in buying random junk and wasting gas for no real reason. I want to try to do crafts with Hudson or play cars with him, be happy to be home.

On top of spending time at home I want to curb MY spending. Husby does pretty well, only buying what he needs. Our roles have switched I have always been the saver but now I am buying stuff constantly. I get special offers from stores all the time and have a hard time saying no. Unsubscribing from those emails today. Also, like I said when we leave the house I usually spend more than necessary, my goal is to focus on getting our finances in order and better prepare for incidentals and Christmas gifts using this plan or this one. The first plan, I did last year to start Hudson’s saving account but I flipped it. Starting with 52 dollars and going down its much easier to pay a dollar after Christmas than 52$. The second would be helpful too since it ends Black Friday. Both I think will be easy to do and help keep me on track.

What are your top three resolutions, Friends?

Happy 2015, Cant wait to see what is in store for us.