Mini Carwash

The last few days have been crummy but typical spring weather. Which means we have been cooped up inside. UGH! Can Summer get here already….that coming from the girl who LOVES winter. Its just been a long winter and a yucky spring.  We are ready to be playing outside with chalk and bubbles. It will be be here soon enough.  Back on point, Hudson would love to be splashing in puddles but there has not been enough rain…but enough to keep us inside…go figure. So I had to get creative with an indoor activity.

Hudson is OBSESSED with cars and trucks, that is putting it mildly. I carry a minimum of 5 in the diaper bag not including the handful he packs around. As mentioned before he loves puddles so I combined the two. An indoor carwash!!!!!! I put a little water and soap onto a baking sheet. I laid out a towel to limit the mess. Hudson washed his cars and trucks with a toothbrush. He had a blast and all of his cars were sparkling by the time he was done.







Have fun Friends!

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