First Day of Pre-School

Hudson started pre-school this last week! It seems so crazy to me that he is old enough. I searched high and low for the perfect school. I stumbled across a local church that offers pre-school and part time. I was thrilled. On our first visit Hudson let go of my hand and ran off to play with the other kids, my heart shattered on the floor, I was so proud and sad at the same time.

IMG_20150320_080443436 (1)

In no time at all his first day was upon us, I was a mess on the inside. I packed his lunch and loaded up his backpack; extra clothes, diapers, socks and his blanky of course. The teacher suggested a lovey if they had one to make the transition easier. I swear we hit every green light on the way there. I walked slowly to the door, Hudson ran.

IMG_20150328_090013 (1)

He was a smidge upset when I left but recovered quickly, thank you to the teacher for sending me a reassuring photo about 2 minutes after leaving.

The first day was hard for me, I picked him up early because I wasn’t sure what to do without him. As for Hudson he had a great time.I had to make this leap for Hudson.There are times as a mom that you have to make a choice, you may not like but is for the betterment of your kiddo…this was one for me.He is very independent and smart. But as his mom I can only do so much, he needs a routine and socializing away from me. I understand change is hard but Hudson was more than ready and I had to let him make that next step even though I was struggling a bit.

I had assumed (secretly hoped) Hudson would be a wreck without me and it wasn’t going to work. To my surprise he has blossomed and completely embraced the change.He is much happier, naps are easier and he has learned a whole new vocabulary. I am so happy he is enjoying himself and becoming more independent…but not too much! Right now he is only going two days a week for a few hours. I think as he gets older we will add more days but for now it’s all this mama’s heart can handle!

What was your kiddos first week of School like?


  1. I remember Kelli’s first day of kindergarten…I was feeling the same as you….wanted to have that morning of her first day to go slowly when I was to take her to school….alas…it didn’t happen the way I visualized…she was so excited to ride the bus…and cried when I told her I was going to take her on her first day…I caved and let her ride the bus with her brother and friends and followed behind the bus so I could take her to her class on the first day….crying all the way…

  2. OMG this about made me tear up! Good job mama! Stay strong! ❤

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