Big Boy Bed Here We Come

We changed Hudson to a big boy bed a month or so ago. I forgot to share. So here it goes. I had hoped to keep H in his crib until her went of to kindergarten…;-) But as usual Mr. Man had other plans. He has been climbing out of crib for awhile now….I know I know….not safe. However, as a tiny monkey he doesn’t seem to have much of a problem at all.

I had his big boy bed in the garage for a month…maybe two. Like I said I wanted to hold this transition off as long as possible. I  thought once he was out of his crib he wouldn’t be my baby any more but that is crazy. I was convinced naps would no longer happen and nice long nights of sleep would end forever. My mom came over for dinner and FORCED me to make the change. I fought her the entire time…I can be pretty stubborn….

We got it all put together and Hudson was a bit scared of the new bed. Finally, he warmed up and it was time to head to bed. I was not looking forward to the fight I was SURE would happen once I laid him in bed. We went about our bedtime routine. I acted like the new bed was no big deal. I laid with him for a little bit before I headed to bed. I was all ready for midnight playing or tears of fear…..NOPE. He stayed snug in his bed until morning and we have not looked back.

I have been trying to put off the next milestone with H for a year or so now. I convince myself it will be so difficult or he isn’t ready, in all honesty I am the one who is not ready. He amazes me every day. He takes on new places or changes in stride most often rising to the occasion and surpassing all my expectations. My advice for this change is your kiddo will show you when they are ready…go with it! It will be OK.



1. Be ready: We waited until Hudson was consistently getting out of his crib.

2. There will be set backs: About a month in H felt confident with his new independence and would get out of his bed daily. It would take me an hour of placing him back into bed before he would go to sleep. I adjusted he nap time so with the hour battle he would go down at a reasonable time. After a week the battle was over.

3. Set backs do NOT mean you have failed:  I was so frustrated and wished we had never made the change. But was reminded but a billion people, all kids have a tiny set back and it’s temporary.

4. You will be shocked: Hudson was so ready and I was holding him back. The change was easy for us but no for everyone. Remember every kid is different and handle changes different but you know them best. They will surprise you!

5. Patience: You will need lots of patience but it will pas quickly and you will be on to the next big milestone. Ours in potty training…stay tuned.

Good luck Friends!

You and Me Go Fishin….

You know the rest. Hudson has been obsessed with his fishing pole for months. But it has been too cold to actually go. Finally, the weather cooperated for a few short hours so he could go give it a whirl!

IMG_20150329_130515124  IMG_20150329_130538379  IMG_20150329_130541551

To keep things easy there was no line in his pole but he still fished his heart out.


Throwing rocks into the water quickly became our top priority. He kept getting closer and closer to the water, giving me a panic attack but he was very careful. He cried when we left, this boy is a true outdoorsmen, just like his dad.




Spring in Montana can be long and pretty cold. But it sure is Beautiful!

What do you do with your little’s when the weather gets nice?