Potty training!!

Last week we decided to take the plunge and really give this potty training thing a go, with baby #2 due in Nov, I figure this will give us a good 6 months to get Harper out of diapers (or mostly out) before we have to start buying little teeny tiny ones 🙂

She is almost exactly 2 and 3 months, we’ve put her on in the past and she’d gone a few times but never really seemed that interested.. I was not going to push it by any means and figured she’d do it when she was ready. I mean if the kid is still in diapers come Nov. oh well, I wasn’t gonna cry about it. I didn’t want to go the little potty seat route because 1-I think they’re gross and a dang pain to clean, and 2-that’s just one more step getting her to go on the big potty eventually right? I purchased this awhile back and I stinking LOVE IT!!!! Has a magnet so the mini seat just sticks to the lid out of the way when not in use, and she feels so big using the big potty like us! It’s super easy to clean too which is a plus in my book!


I took her to Walmart to pick out whatever panties she wanted and this I think sealed the deal, she picked Minnie and Daisy, Doc and Sofia (big surprise) and was SOOO excited to wear them, I told her she had to tell me when she had to go so she didn’t pee on Minnie or Sofia and ever since we started she’s been a ROCK STAR!!


“Pee pee potty” she shouts every time she has to go and we take her in and she goes 🙂 We do have to help her but I don’t mind at all, being the clean freak that I am I’d rather help than there be pee all over haha! I got this stool too once she gets a little better/bigger I think she’ll be able to do it herself and she climbs up on it to wash her hands as well.

Since we started last week she’s only had two accidents, one when she was eating lunch so I think she just forgot. We are SO proud of our baby girl and can’t believe how much she is growing up! She still wears a diaper at bed and nap but a lot of the time wakes up dry! So that’s the next step 🙂  A lot of praise is key I think, making her feel so big and special every time she goes, as well as some sweet panties to seal the deal! Good luck mamas and daddys who are giving this a go, like I said I think they just are ready when they’re ready, as with everything in life, these mini humans sure have minds of their own and every one of them grow at different rates ❤


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