Family Vacation

Our family took a tiny trip to Salt Lake City for over a week. It was so much fun. We made so many memories and laughed until our belly hurts. I have learned Hudson can go with the flow much more than I had ever thought possible but HATES being pinned in a car for 8 hours. No amount of movies or games could make him happy. But the fun we had more than made up for it the terrible ride home.

IMG_0059  IMG_20150619_225055

We stumbled across the most amazing neighborhood. Cute houses with a man made lake right in the middle. There was a little creek kids could splash in with a the coolest jungle gym we have ever played in.


IMG_0281   IMG_20150620_114249080IMG_20150624_195947814

The next stop was the Aquarium. The entire time we walked through Hudson kept asking to see the Sharks. Once we arrived at the shark tank, he was scared. It took a little time to feel comfortable he became mesmerized.

IMG_20150624_120126176  IMG_20150624_115251537

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The daily stop was at Dunkin Donuts, I am obsessed and quickly shared the addiction with my little man. I may or may not have packed a dozen donuts back home….Dont Judge! The other delicous-ness I shared with Mr.H was In-N-Out burger. I cannot get enough!

IMG_20150625_152658464    IMG_20150623_104829  IMG_20150624_130046319

We had so much fun, it was one of THE best trips we have ever been on. It was great to explore a new city and spend time with family.

What was your favorite family Vacation?