Potty Training…or Not!

Hello friends! We are in the trenches of potty training Mr. H. He has been showing some interest but I didn’t think he was quite ready. But as usual he showed me. Last Sunday, he asked to go to the potty every single time he needed to go! I was so impressed and decided we would buckle down. This past weekend was spent locked in our house asking every 30 minutes if he needed to go……UGH! It was a loooooong weekend but he only had two accidents.  Well on our way to getting it done!!!

Today is another story, Hudson had pre-school and everything went to crap…..literally. He would not go potty for his teachers and had two accidents. They ended up having to put a diaper back on him. BUMMER!!!! His teachers were great and encouraged me to keep after it. I know I need patience and consistency for him but my oh my its been tough.

Is this normal? Does it mean he isn’t ready?

After another unsuccessful day I decided to put potty training on hold.  He screamed at me that he couldn’t go so we are backing off training. So, when we are at home he can go in the potty but I don’t want to put any more pressure on him. He will be ready when he is ready.

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