Struggles Lately

Lately, I have been struggling to think of blog topics, keep my house in order or happily play with H. Most days I can barely get a meal together, which is definitely out of character for me. Usually I have everything figured out and in order but lately nothing is working out.

January has brought a huge transition for our family. My husband who has been working out of town for almost 3 years is now taking a job locally. Which is great but comes with financial changes for us. I am trying to figure out the best option for us. Do I go back to work……kill me now….or babysit a couple of kids or start a home based business. It has been a real struggle deciding what is best.

On top of all that, Hudson has been going through some sort of change. He is crying one second, laughing the next but has become very….physical…slapping, pinching, and hitting. I have tried all the discipline possible with no real change. I think some of it is that our life is different now. Dad is home, we don’t go-go so much. I am not sure…I know its most likely a phase but sheesh…..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I cannot figure out  how to get everything done in a day. I am usually on top of everything but lately it seems I am chasing my tail, never really getting ahead. I have a normal routine, it just feels like there is never enough time.

I know everything will get back to normal but right now I am feeling overwhelmed and discombobulated. This post was not intended to be a pitty party. I am very blessed and happy just needed to vent.

We will get back to our new normal.  I need to remember to give myself a break…a pass on perfection…..The same goes for all the other mamas out there. It’s okay to not feel like enough but you have to remember you are! The life you have was made just for you…struggles and all.

20160121_123043 (1)

Now to end on some cuteness!!!



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