Wife to Jordan. Mama to Hudson and fur baby Jackson. Blogger, Baker, snack maker. I cloth diaper and try to buy organic but don’t call me a hippy… I am to stylish for that title. I love trying new recipe, holidays and comfy clothes. I started this blog to share my experiences as a mother and wife. Both of which are my favorite jobs.


Here is my story, I met my husband through a prank phone call… yes you read that correctly.. Pack phone call. He called randomly for a year asking me on a date. Weirdo! I had a steady boyfriend but soon we broke up. My now husband called again, I finally said yes. Shortly after agreeing to the date I canceled, he still called. I finally feeling comfortable so I asked him on a date. Unfortunately, he was heading to basic training. We continued speaking while he was training. If any one is keeping score we still have never met face to face. Love is blind, right? He came home from basic, four months later. We FINALLY had our date.

I started college in Montana, he was stationed in upstate New York. We decided long distance was our only option. Shortly after arriving to New York, he received orders to Iraq in September of 2007, for 15 months. We visited each other as often as possible. We were engaged December of 2006, 6 months after”dating.” After receiving the news of his deployment we decided to wait to be married until after. But one evening in July, he sweetly asked to get married BEFORE he deployed. I had one month to plan a wedding. Yikes!


We were married August 2007, in THE simplest way possible. I in a sundress my man in khakis and a button down. No flowers, bridesmaids or a DJ. We held the reception in my parents backyard, BBQ ribs were served and horseshoes was played. It was everything we both had hoped for. Eight days later my HUSBAND was on a planned to NY, fifteen days later he was on a plane to Iraq. During his deployment he reenlisted for another 4 years. Looked like an army wife life for me. I moved to NY he came home in 2008. six months later we were making our way to WA state to our new duty station. My husband deployed again, for 12 months to Afghanistan, shortly after our arrival. I continued my education while he was away. He came home fall of 2010. We finally had 18 months straight before he was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan… Again. We explored our new home. Tasting different foods, traveling aid the area, it was the best time.

Two weeks before he deployed we found out I was pregnant. His deployment was exactly 9 months. Lovely huh!? I could never explain the extreme fear and excitement.. mainly fear I had upon seeing the two pink lines. We thought it best for me to move back to our true home state Montana, to be near family. Jordan’s deployment was cut short, thankfully. He was there to see the birth of our son, Hudson, in November 2012.

We purchased our first home before Hudson arrived. Can you say crazy pregnant lady with nesting on the brain?!. In February, 2013, Jordan ended his 7 year career with the Army. We currently live in our hometown of Missoula Montana.

What a whirlwind life we have had! But I would not change one second. We are looking forward to what life has in store for us.


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