Montana is Love

This past weekend we spent the day at my in-laws. We celebrated Easter, birthdays, and anniversaries. It was the best visit so far. Hudson played non-stop, running all over the property, digging in dirt, chasing the dogs. He was in heaven which meant I was able to enjoy adult conversation and a hot plate of food. It was mama’s heaven!


We haven’t visited the in-laws in a long time. They usually come to our house so Hudson can run amuck in his area. Also, it can take up to an hour to travel their direction. Have you ever tried to travel with a toddler….even for a short period of time? YIPES!  I would love to know any tricks to make travel easier because we have an upcoming trip that is a tad longer.  Suggestions welcomed.


Struggles Lately

Lately, I have been struggling to think of blog topics, keep my house in order or happily play with H. Most days I can barely get a meal together, which is definitely out of character for me. Usually I have everything figured out and in order but lately nothing is working out.

January has brought a huge transition for our family. My husband who has been working out of town for almost 3 years is now taking a job locally. Which is great but comes with financial changes for us. I am trying to figure out the best option for us. Do I go back to work……kill me now….or babysit a couple of kids or start a home based business. It has been a real struggle deciding what is best.

On top of all that, Hudson has been going through some sort of change. He is crying one second, laughing the next but has become very….physical…slapping, pinching, and hitting. I have tried all the discipline possible with no real change. I think some of it is that our life is different now. Dad is home, we don’t go-go so much. I am not sure…I know its most likely a phase but sheesh…..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I cannot figure out  how to get everything done in a day. I am usually on top of everything but lately it seems I am chasing my tail, never really getting ahead. I have a normal routine, it just feels like there is never enough time.

I know everything will get back to normal but right now I am feeling overwhelmed and discombobulated. This post was not intended to be a pitty party. I am very blessed and happy just needed to vent.

We will get back to our new normal.  I need to remember to give myself a break…a pass on perfection…..The same goes for all the other mamas out there. It’s okay to not feel like enough but you have to remember you are! The life you have was made just for you…struggles and all.

20160121_123043 (1)

Now to end on some cuteness!!!



December Wrap-Up

We have been offline for a few weeks. I have to say it has been peaceful.  Now, it’s time to get back into a routine. Christmas is put away, which always makes our house looks bare, but I want to share our December with you.

Husby’s birthday is the first week of December but he was at work for most of December so he could be home through both holidays. It was a long and fast three weeks with him gone, stay at home mama’s you know what I mean. Hudson and I watched as many Christmas movies as he would sit still for and read piles of Christmas books snuggled up by our fire. It was blissful!

We went on our annual trip to Coeur d’ Alene for the Journey to the Northpole. This year we took my dad along for the trip. We had so much fun! H loved seeing Santa and hearing his name on the Nice List. The hotel sent Elves to our room with cookies and milk after seeing Santa. The whole experience was magical.

A fun highlight was our Polar Express Pajama party. We had friends over to watch Hudson’s favorite Christmas movie and sip hot chocolate….coffee for all the mama’s or a mimosa…….maybe two. We piled pillows and blankets in our living room and everyone wore their comfy jammies. It was so much fun and easy to throw together.

20151213_13310320151213_13311120151213_13315620151213_133143-1The big day was eventful, Hudson finally got the big firetruck he has been asking for. We had to visit it every time we went to the store. Thankfully, it was sold out quickly, I was able to tell Hudson Santa must have gotten them all for other kids.

2016-01-09 08.49.25

We had a great December I hope yours was as memorable as ours!



Punkin Palooza

We made our first trip to the pumpkin patch this week. I say first because no doubt we will be going back to collect more beauties for our carving party in a couple weeks. We always go to a local family owned farm in town. First off, their prices are the best. Second, the owner is the sweetest old man. Third, buy local.

Benson’s farm has been our family favorite from fresh apples to giant zucchini. Upon arrival Hudson spotted two deer grabbing a quick snack from the apple trees out front.

12118798_10207802007791196_1138519920207719045_n   20151003_170813-1-1

We had the place to ourselves which for a rambunctious toddler is perfection. He could not load the pumpkins fast enough. Going from pile to pile saying ” we need this one, and this one, and this one!” I was all for it, I love watching his enthusiasm for holidays. Mr. Man preferred the little ones, or as he called them “The tiny baby pumpkins.”

12088504_10207802007151180_6452580427649110099_n  12115526_10207802007471188_5291727862868777146_n

20151003_170840-2-1  20151003_170932-1


Happy Fall Y’all!

The Struggle is Real

On top of diving into potty training we have hit terrible twos or early threenagers. I am not sure which.  Hudson can barely make it though the day without having a meltdown, it takes everything I have to keep calm and talk to him. But talking seems to make him more upset, so does ignoring. I have no idea how such a tiny human can get so mad. Usually over something silly, like putting ice cubes in his water….what?! I have to remind myself it is phase. But some days I can barely keep it together. Lately, he has been waking up at night, usually three times, which has both of us running ragged….and draining my patience.  With that being said recently I was that mom at Target. Hudson screaming, people staring, and me trying to get through the check out as quick as possible. But we survived! No one wants to have the child melting down but it will happen. After, all that I came home to an article that brought everything into perspective (10 Ways to Burn Out as a Mom).

The article came at the perfect time. After reading it I realized I had caused my impatience which affected Hudson. Sometimes as moms we are spread so thin we forget to take care of ourselves. Even 10 minutes to your self during the day can make all the difference in the world.  

IMG_20150806_071125005       IMG_20150714_172214642

The Mother/Wife sets the tone of the home, that statement has never been more true. What do you do to keep your sanity or turn around a rough day?

Family Vacation

Our family took a tiny trip to Salt Lake City for over a week. It was so much fun. We made so many memories and laughed until our belly hurts. I have learned Hudson can go with the flow much more than I had ever thought possible but HATES being pinned in a car for 8 hours. No amount of movies or games could make him happy. But the fun we had more than made up for it the terrible ride home.

IMG_0059  IMG_20150619_225055

We stumbled across the most amazing neighborhood. Cute houses with a man made lake right in the middle. There was a little creek kids could splash in with a the coolest jungle gym we have ever played in.


IMG_0281   IMG_20150620_114249080IMG_20150624_195947814

The next stop was the Aquarium. The entire time we walked through Hudson kept asking to see the Sharks. Once we arrived at the shark tank, he was scared. It took a little time to feel comfortable he became mesmerized.

IMG_20150624_120126176  IMG_20150624_115251537

IMG_20150624_114301505  IMG_20150624_111826298    IMG_20150624_113719134_HDR  IMG_20150624_111701680_HDR

The daily stop was at Dunkin Donuts, I am obsessed and quickly shared the addiction with my little man. I may or may not have packed a dozen donuts back home….Dont Judge! The other delicous-ness I shared with Mr.H was In-N-Out burger. I cannot get enough!

IMG_20150625_152658464    IMG_20150623_104829  IMG_20150624_130046319

We had so much fun, it was one of THE best trips we have ever been on. It was great to explore a new city and spend time with family.

What was your favorite family Vacation?

Big Boy Bed Here We Come

We changed Hudson to a big boy bed a month or so ago. I forgot to share. So here it goes. I had hoped to keep H in his crib until her went of to kindergarten…;-) But as usual Mr. Man had other plans. He has been climbing out of crib for awhile now….I know I know….not safe. However, as a tiny monkey he doesn’t seem to have much of a problem at all.

I had his big boy bed in the garage for a month…maybe two. Like I said I wanted to hold this transition off as long as possible. I  thought once he was out of his crib he wouldn’t be my baby any more but that is crazy. I was convinced naps would no longer happen and nice long nights of sleep would end forever. My mom came over for dinner and FORCED me to make the change. I fought her the entire time…I can be pretty stubborn….

We got it all put together and Hudson was a bit scared of the new bed. Finally, he warmed up and it was time to head to bed. I was not looking forward to the fight I was SURE would happen once I laid him in bed. We went about our bedtime routine. I acted like the new bed was no big deal. I laid with him for a little bit before I headed to bed. I was all ready for midnight playing or tears of fear…..NOPE. He stayed snug in his bed until morning and we have not looked back.

I have been trying to put off the next milestone with H for a year or so now. I convince myself it will be so difficult or he isn’t ready, in all honesty I am the one who is not ready. He amazes me every day. He takes on new places or changes in stride most often rising to the occasion and surpassing all my expectations. My advice for this change is your kiddo will show you when they are ready…go with it! It will be OK.



1. Be ready: We waited until Hudson was consistently getting out of his crib.

2. There will be set backs: About a month in H felt confident with his new independence and would get out of his bed daily. It would take me an hour of placing him back into bed before he would go to sleep. I adjusted he nap time so with the hour battle he would go down at a reasonable time. After a week the battle was over.

3. Set backs do NOT mean you have failed:  I was so frustrated and wished we had never made the change. But was reminded but a billion people, all kids have a tiny set back and it’s temporary.

4. You will be shocked: Hudson was so ready and I was holding him back. The change was easy for us but no for everyone. Remember every kid is different and handle changes different but you know them best. They will surprise you!

5. Patience: You will need lots of patience but it will pas quickly and you will be on to the next big milestone. Ours in potty training…stay tuned.

Good luck Friends!

You and Me Go Fishin….

You know the rest. Hudson has been obsessed with his fishing pole for months. But it has been too cold to actually go. Finally, the weather cooperated for a few short hours so he could go give it a whirl!

IMG_20150329_130515124  IMG_20150329_130538379  IMG_20150329_130541551

To keep things easy there was no line in his pole but he still fished his heart out.


Throwing rocks into the water quickly became our top priority. He kept getting closer and closer to the water, giving me a panic attack but he was very careful. He cried when we left, this boy is a true outdoorsmen, just like his dad.




Spring in Montana can be long and pretty cold. But it sure is Beautiful!

What do you do with your little’s when the weather gets nice?

Ohh TWOdles!!

Harper is turning the big T.W.O next Saturday and one of her friends is going to be out of town so we decided to have her party a week early! I decided awhile ago I was gonna do a Minnie theme because she loves her some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! (Daisy seems to be her fave but still went with Minnie which I’ll get to why in a minute here) When you think Minnie red, hearts and polka dots come to mind right? So, I figured perfect, I’ll hit up the after Valentines day sales and get a ton of new heart decor! I ended up mixing pink in too since we still had some stuff left over from her birthday last year. I LOVE the way everything turned out, exactly how I had pictured it in my head, she loved it even more which made it that much better 😉 After all this day was all about her. ❤


This second group of pics just cracks me up…SO shows her silly little personality ❤ I basically made everything and got ideas everywhere from my brain to Pinterest! This was all SO easy and all done here and there when I had spare time. I cut out way too many circles for my own good in the end haha! This cute shirt a friend of mine got for her in Disneyland, which I just cut a 2 out of felt and sewed by hand on, so it was easy enough to take the stitching out for continued wear! She had this tutu already as well that I stitched felt hearts on to be removed later too! I made this adorable sparkle Mickey clip out of felt and glitter that I glued to a little clip. I’ve been making her hair accessories forever since they are insane expensive on Etsy or anywhere else really for that matter!


For the cake I got 2 boxes of Funfetti bc its my fave and dyed one batch pink so every other layer would be pink 🙂 Turns out I only used 3 of the 4 8 by 8 rounds because all 4 were too high for my cake stand with the lid on with the toppers I got, found here. These toppers were a HIT, she screamed when she saw the cake and she has insisted on sleeping with little plastic Minnie and Daisy since LOL.  I bought Funfetti hot pink frosting rather than dying white as well as white and used the pink on the bottom layer, mixed the pink and white for the middle and used white on top for an ombre look. (I did the same last year and loved it so much I decided to just do it again.) It tasted amazing too which really is all that counts right? 😉


I made the banner with card stock and construction paper as well as the Minnie I taped on the heart centerpiece and the ones I taped on the juice boxes. The hearts on the table and heart toothpicks were clearance steals as well as the heart garland and gift bags. I glued rhinestones on the silverware to make them look glam and the “holder” they’re in is a sparky koozie! I made bows using strawberries and blueberries stuck with toothpicks (which I forgot to bring out of the fridge for the party after I took these pics) DANG IT! Harp enjoyed them later anyway haha!


Hot dogs are every kids favorite right? And SO easy to just throw in the crockpot with water to cook themselves so they are ready for go time! I made this cute little sign for the crockpot..because I’m crazy and had to have the Clubhouse touch on everything haha! Served with string cheese and goldfish for the perfect lunch!


I printed off coloring sheets online so the kids could color after they played for awhile and had lunch, Harper colored on each of her guests sheets as well as her own which did not impress them, but hey what can ya do with an almost two year old trying to share the love..ha!

It was so funny she got really shy when “Happy Birthday” started (totally cute) but then the rest of the day sang it to herself. 🙂 She blew out the candles like a little champ and hopefully made an awesome wish. 🙂 We opened presents before her friends left and she had a BLAST! We have been getting packages in the mail this past week from friends and family back home and I’m sure she has no idea why she’s getting all of these fun presents but she is loving it no doubt!


Balloons really are a hit for a two year old and this morning she came downstairs and the first thing she did was yell BLOONS!!!!  Her and daddy had fun playing with them before her guests arrived!


It was the perfect day and I can’t wait to for another fun party next year! I’ll leave you with a mama and mini selfie because thats how we do and my awesome ‘Jamicure’ that went along with the theme. ❤


Be Kind

Happy Tuesday friends! I have been thinking a lot about how it seems people have become more rude.  Parents oblivious to their kiddo pushing another at the playground or talking loudly on their phone while waiting in line.  I would guess you run into rudeness on a daily basis? Am I right? Sometimes being the offender. I know I have, it is never intentional and I rarely notice the side glances from people. But i have been wondering why? Why has rudeness become our new normal.

I read an article the other day speaking on this very topic (Current Parents magazine). It pointed out how the use of technology has caused people to become more rude in general. Text messages can easily be sent if you decide last minute not to go to an event, with a little emoji. You can ignore a call with a swipe of your finger. Make a snide comment online, than be nice to the person face to face. It’s easy, technology has allowed us to distance ourselves from people. After reading the article, I decided I would make an effort to put technology down. Pay attention to the people around me.

So firsts things first, give Hudson my attention. Like real attention, get on the floor with him and play with him. Make a craft, stack trucks, or read a billion books. The second leave my phone alone while grocery shopping or perusing the racks at Target. The last is, be kinder to people while I am out, move a cart away from someones car or leave a quarter on the candy machine for someone else, etc.

So, Hudson and I were at the check out the other day, the lady behind me was creeping closer and closer to my cart. I normally would have given her the cold shoulder but as we waited in line she began to swear and yell at her friend about how she shouldn’t have waited for her because now she was going to be late. The whole time I was getting more and more upset as she dropped the F-word in front of my son and hers. I though it was out of line. But instead of saying something mean to her, I offered her my place in line. She had about three items to my FULL cart. I could see the relief cross her face. Who am I to say she was out of line (other than the F-word)  maybe she was late for something very important or maybe she was just plain rude. Either way the extra 5 minutes of waiting was not a big deal and maybe it was the break she needed to turn her day around. I will never know! But since I was paying attention and responded with kindness someone elses’ may have gotten a little better.


All I am saying it random acts of kindness could change someones day and they might be more likely to pay it forward. My goal is to be kinder to people and keep my rudeness in check. Answer that call, spend time with people in person rather than on Facebook, Hold the door for the person behind me.

Pay it forward friends and be less rude to one another.