Saturday Sit-Down

Hi friends. I cannot believe it has been 2 months since my last post. Blog host fail….sheesh! We are finally into a new groove. Husby is back in town working, his schedule has definitely taken some time to get use to. But we are loving that he is home very night for dinner and bedtime.

I also have taken the plunge into home childcare…..let me tell you that has been the hardest adjustment for Hudson and I. He is not use to sharing his mama or toys all the time. I know he will get it but HOLY COW, it sure has been tough. We will have to see where its all at in a month or two.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be posting soon about meal planning sooner rather than later.


Hudson Turns 3

Hudson will be three on Black Friday. WHAT?! It has gone by so fast. He has grown into a funny, silly, smart, kind little man, mixed with a whole lot of stubbornness and attitude. Which I have been told will be a good trait to have as an adult but as a three year old works all of my mama patience. But truth be told he makes me laugh EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Hudson is super busy so this year we decided to forgo the ultra themed at home for a celebration at a gymnastics gym. It was great they decorated and had a room set up for all of his party guests. The easiest party ever! On top of the ease of simply showing up, he had so much fun and did not stop moving until cupcakes.


He was excited for presents and cupcakes!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Hudson turning 3.

Potty training!!

Last week we decided to take the plunge and really give this potty training thing a go, with baby #2 due in Nov, I figure this will give us a good 6 months to get Harper out of diapers (or mostly out) before we have to start buying little teeny tiny ones 🙂

She is almost exactly 2 and 3 months, we’ve put her on in the past and she’d gone a few times but never really seemed that interested.. I was not going to push it by any means and figured she’d do it when she was ready. I mean if the kid is still in diapers come Nov. oh well, I wasn’t gonna cry about it. I didn’t want to go the little potty seat route because 1-I think they’re gross and a dang pain to clean, and 2-that’s just one more step getting her to go on the big potty eventually right? I purchased this awhile back and I stinking LOVE IT!!!! Has a magnet so the mini seat just sticks to the lid out of the way when not in use, and she feels so big using the big potty like us! It’s super easy to clean too which is a plus in my book!


I took her to Walmart to pick out whatever panties she wanted and this I think sealed the deal, she picked Minnie and Daisy, Doc and Sofia (big surprise) and was SOOO excited to wear them, I told her she had to tell me when she had to go so she didn’t pee on Minnie or Sofia and ever since we started she’s been a ROCK STAR!!


“Pee pee potty” she shouts every time she has to go and we take her in and she goes 🙂 We do have to help her but I don’t mind at all, being the clean freak that I am I’d rather help than there be pee all over haha! I got this stool too once she gets a little better/bigger I think she’ll be able to do it herself and she climbs up on it to wash her hands as well.

Since we started last week she’s only had two accidents, one when she was eating lunch so I think she just forgot. We are SO proud of our baby girl and can’t believe how much she is growing up! She still wears a diaper at bed and nap but a lot of the time wakes up dry! So that’s the next step 🙂  A lot of praise is key I think, making her feel so big and special every time she goes, as well as some sweet panties to seal the deal! Good luck mamas and daddys who are giving this a go, like I said I think they just are ready when they’re ready, as with everything in life, these mini humans sure have minds of their own and every one of them grow at different rates ❤


Where to Begin….

I have not posted in almost a month. It has been an emotional and trying time for this mama. I go back and forth as to whether or not I should share the struggle we have been going through. But as little time has passed I feel okay enough to share.

My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer only 8 short weeks ago. Shortly after diagnosis, and a short stint in the hospital she was sent home with Hospice. Not the news we wanted to hear. As a family we came together to make her as comfortable as possible. She slipped into a coma and passed away. It is an odd feeling to be happy she went peacefully but devastated at the same time. It was THE hardest situation I have ever faced.

But onto happier memories, my grandmother will forever be the reason I adore cooking. I helped her make pie crusts for holidays or can homemade apple butter.She showed her love through food and making sure everyone was fed. There has always been a long standing joke that any new family member will quickly gain, at least,10 pounds.She also taught me to help anyone in need. I will be forever thankful to her for showing me that small acts of kindness can change the world. I cannot count how many times there was a neighbor kid or a friend of a friend who needed a place to stay and my grandma would gladly make a place for them.

She was the greatest women I had the privilege to know. I will miss her every single day.


Sending notes to heaven. Love you grandma!

First Day of Pre-School

Hudson started pre-school this last week! It seems so crazy to me that he is old enough. I searched high and low for the perfect school. I stumbled across a local church that offers pre-school and part time. I was thrilled. On our first visit Hudson let go of my hand and ran off to play with the other kids, my heart shattered on the floor, I was so proud and sad at the same time.

IMG_20150320_080443436 (1)

In no time at all his first day was upon us, I was a mess on the inside. I packed his lunch and loaded up his backpack; extra clothes, diapers, socks and his blanky of course. The teacher suggested a lovey if they had one to make the transition easier. I swear we hit every green light on the way there. I walked slowly to the door, Hudson ran.

IMG_20150328_090013 (1)

He was a smidge upset when I left but recovered quickly, thank you to the teacher for sending me a reassuring photo about 2 minutes after leaving.

The first day was hard for me, I picked him up early because I wasn’t sure what to do without him. As for Hudson he had a great time.I had to make this leap for Hudson.There are times as a mom that you have to make a choice, you may not like but is for the betterment of your kiddo…this was one for me.He is very independent and smart. But as his mom I can only do so much, he needs a routine and socializing away from me. I understand change is hard but Hudson was more than ready and I had to let him make that next step even though I was struggling a bit.

I had assumed (secretly hoped) Hudson would be a wreck without me and it wasn’t going to work. To my surprise he has blossomed and completely embraced the change.He is much happier, naps are easier and he has learned a whole new vocabulary. I am so happy he is enjoying himself and becoming more independent…but not too much! Right now he is only going two days a week for a few hours. I think as he gets older we will add more days but for now it’s all this mama’s heart can handle!

What was your kiddos first week of School like?

Happy March!

Now that March has arrived thought I’d share a super easy little art project that your littles will love and will fill your home with green! Harper is OBSESSED with painting and really anything art related lately so I came up with this cute little idea that turned out just adorable!

First have your tot paint on green construction paper to her/his little hearts desire. We did about three paintings until it was everywhere and needed to be cleaned up 🙂


Next step, when they dry, cut different sized shamrocks out! We hung them on the window to replace the hearts that were up! Totally cute right? She loves pointing at them and saying “geeeeen mama”!


Sickness and DoTerra

Hi Friends! I am very sorry we have been missing for a few weeks. Hudson and I have been running through every sickness the last few weeks. Stomach flu, the regular flu which turned into a lovely sinus infection for me. We have been hanging out at home watching movies cuddled up on the couch. We are finally healthy!!!! Just in time for Husby to come home! Yay!

We quickly began construction our our basement. I have to thank my husband and step-dad for working there butts off on their days off to get the project rolling. They are amazing! I am so happy to be moving forward with finishing our basement. It will be lovely to have some extra space for Hudson to play without destroying our main living area! ( I like to think it will help at least.)

Now onto disinfecting my entire house with Essential Oils from Doterra, On Guard blend to be exact. If you haven’t tried them I highly recommend you check them out! I think our sicknesses would have lasted much longer without them. I am a HUGE fan of the Breathe and DigestZen blend. Breathe is for respiratory issues, rub a little bit on your chest and you can breathe again…. DigestZen is most effective for me, when I drink it, add a couple drops to a tiny glass of water INSTANT relief.


Happy Tuesday Friend!

Root Mineral Makeup

So recently I was in the running to become one of 10 models to represent the Root makeup company and was chosen!! I figured I’d share the love and let all of you in on this greatness! I found this makeup line (made in Waverly, IA) less than a year ago & since have bought basically every product made! This is an ALL NATURAL, Vegan line that uses NO fillers like so many others, only minerals! Being a busy Mama, makeup isn’t the first thing on my to-do list, however I like feeling put together without the hassle of sitting in front of a mirror for an hour. Also being all natural is huge for me, especially when it comes to balms and lipsticks, I don’t want to be putting toxins into my baby girl when giving her kisses! Recently I read you shouldn’t put anything on your face you wouldn’t eat…think about that the next time you put on your makeup…those toxins sink right into your body.

Let’s talk Pearl Powder for a moment. The coverage of this foundation is completely flawless and lasts all day until washed off. It’s also so light you can’t tell you even have anything on! I really have never used anything like this. I sometimes add a few drops of water to some powder in the lid of the jar to make an even more full coverage liquid makeup as well! You can even buy small sample jars for just $2 to find your color before buying a full size! Here’s a great guide to find your perfect color! Below are some different looks and links to what I’m wearing 🙂 Follow me on Instagram @rootprettychristine for more looks and upcoming deals! This team is making new products almost daily and just came out with some FAB lipsticks that I’m so in love with!


Here I’m wearing Pretty Booster Medium as well as my Pearl Powder foundation shade 4+6 custom mix, light bronze and Posey as blush. Eyes I used In the Navy as a liner and shadow and lined under eye with Diamond shadow and applied the FABULOUS new Root 100% natural, vegan mascara, the only mascara I will EVER wear again. Also wearing Gossip Pretty Balm. (These tinted balms are amazing you guys)


This look was achieved using Pretty Booster Medium again, Pearl Powder 4+6 mix, Light Bronzer and Posey blush on my face, then to give those eyes a pop I used Posey on my lids over a liner of Black Beauty, applied wet and Diamond under my eye as a highlighter, also applied wet! Before applying Root mascara I always dust my face with Setting Silk which gives everything a good set as well as eliminates that dewy look that can happen throughout the day! On my lips I’m wearing Gossip Pretty Balm.


Here’s a good shot of how amazing this mascara is!! It really is the best EVER guys! It’s really light so it doesn’t weigh your lashes down and is water resistant too! GET SOME! And last but not least, here’s a special for all of you!


Use code rootchristine at Root checkout to get a FREE eyeshadow! I hope you check this stuff out and love it as much as I do! Don’t forget to follow @rootprettychristine on IG for more deals and new products!  XoXxO

Christmas Ideas for Girls (and boys too)!

Since Nic gave you guys some GREAT ideas for boys, wanted to give you some ideas for girls and what is on Harper’s “wish list” this year! Although a LOT of these items are unisex! EVEN BETTER! Anyone who knows me knows I’m already done with my shopping…and I have been for awhile 😉 So here it is!

I’m all about having one big present under the tree on Christmas morn & Harper just happens to be a bit obsessed with chairs right now (wonder who’s daughter she is) 😉 PERFECT idea for a big gift. So I had been searching FOREVER for one that

1-would fit in our tiny living room

2-wasn’t outrageously priced but was still good quality

3- would semi go with our decor. A friend of mine told me to check out the Amazon warehouse deals, they have daily deals as well as items that have a broken box and such that they can’t sell for the original price! (I’m an Amazon fanatic… how did I not know about this???) SO I checked it out and scored this little number that I myself want to live in!! It had a broken box that was all taped up so I got it for $40 mini ottoman included!!


I’m trying to stay away from clothes this year for gifts for Christmas but am dying over these new santa shirts I ordered us from a little shop I’ve supported for a long time called SaSea, I think Harp has every holiday shirt she has ever made.. I was going to buy them last year but didn’t so knew when they came back out I was gonna order them. This pre-order also came with a matching santa tote 🙂 How COOL right?!! They are the softest shirts ever and I love the baseball sleeve style! I love doing mama and mini and can’t wait to get some pics in these…WILL be wearing these Christmas morn for SURE!

 youthsant adultsant

Harpster is really getting into puzzles and her brain is taking everything in right now so what better gift then this set of awesome wooden puzzles! I love Melissa & Doug brand everything and these are adorable, durable and affordable, colors, numbers and letters?!! Sign us up!


Get them here!

I also think now is the perfect time to work on fun learning games like these cubes! At almost two “Fun” learning is the best right? Again Melissa & Doug found here!


So I’m all about trying to save money, around the holidays especially, who isn’t right? ALWAYS looking to find a deal, not pay shipping, never pay full price. We have a local “Mama’s Marketplace” page on Facebook here, check these out people! I’m SURE locally you have something of this sort! I pretty much refuse to buy new baby and toddler toys that will most likely get played with for approximately an hour then thrown at the dog never to be touched again.. I think I must get it from my mom, a Goodwill regular who has found our entire family some insanely amazing “preloved” things!! I’ve picked up SO much for Harper in the past few months and already pretty much have her birthday done as well! I’ve scored a whole giant set of Mr. Potato head & fam, a Little Tikes baby crib, an outdoor play gym, as well as SO many other things! These dolls from the Disney Store are among the awesomeness I’ve purchased, all three for $10! She is SO into dolls right now she’s gonna LOVE them I just know it!


So for your littles check into used things!! They are not going to know the difference I promise! Your husband will thank you in the end 😉 Hope these ideas help anyone who is in a Christmas shopping rut! Happy Holidays!

Cleaning Schedule

Most days Hudson and I move slowly and carefree throughout the day. By nap time, I haven’t even gotten dressed. I know, I know TERRIBLE! We usually don’t rush out the door in the morning. I will read to Hudson or push cars around the floor with him. Pure Joy for both of us. Lately, the household chores have been pushed to the back burner, which is ok from time to time.  But it becomes a problem when there are dust bunnies piling up behind the TV or dog fur tumbleweeds blowing across the floor…YUCK. It is time for a change.

I found many different cleaning schedules online, but none that were perfect for us. Some were too specific, I know to load my dishwasher and unload it. Others would take 2 hours  a day to do, which would not work either. I had to figure out what worked for our household needs and how much time I wanted to clean a day, which is different for everyone. After careful consideration I had my schedule.

Next, I needed to gather the supplies. Supplies: Picture frame, scrapbook paper and glue. I figured this project would be quick and easy, until my printer stopped working……30 minutes later I was ready to go. Unfortunately, my printer struggle woke Hudson up……1.5 hour nap….PERFECT! After, giving Hudson a snack and turning on cartoons so I could finish up. I was back to work. It only took about 15 minutes to glue everything together.

IMG_20140806_150207964_HDR  IMG_20140806_150142448

I feel productive checking things off all day long. The cleaning schedule only takes about 30 minutes to do. Some may take a little longer but I can get them done before Hudson wakes up or during nap time.


Happy Cleaning Friends!