Hospital Bag Essentials

I spent the last chunk of my pregnancy wondering what to bring to the hospital and to my luck Hudson came three weeks early and my bag was not packed. Friends that know me are shocked to hear that, I am BEYOND organized but I was not ready. Lovely! I had read so many suggestions for what to bring I grabbed the essentials. To prevent the last minute scrabble like me, I have compiled a list to make it easier.

     For MAMA 

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One. Two. Three. Four

My sister-in-law gave me THE best baby shower gift. She put together a gift for the hospital. It included, hair ties, headbands, breath mints, chocolates, similiar here, and a very comfy robe, sweat pant combo. It was my absolute favorite gift.


    For DAD

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Dad’s list is pretty easy. I would recommend a pillow for him. Also, check with your hospital about what kind of food options dads will have while staying there. Our local hospital had AMAZING food for mama, included in the cost of the room. However, we had to pay 5-7$ for Jordan to eat, a steal I thought but they took cash only, did NOT know that. Just make a quick call so you know what your hospital policy is.

    For BABY 

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Mama: A nursing tank, a comfy robe, breath mints or gum. Boppy for easier feedings and snuggles. I used bag balm for chapped ta-tas but another great option is medela ointment.

Dad: Change for the vending machines, computer or tablet.

Don’t Forget

Chargers, camera, personal pillow or blankets. A folder for all your hospital paperwork and insurance information.

I hope that helps. What was essential in your hospital bag?

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