Monthly Favs

The first year of motherhood(parenthood) is a complete whirlwind.  There is so much confusion and second guessing, and before you know it they are 6 months old. Many new parents look back and say “Oh I really wish I hadn’t done that.” For some parents it’s not introducing rice cereal at a certain time or moving their kiddo to their room sooner.

For example; Early on, I  really struggled with sleeping when Mr.Man slept, I thought I had to get the dishes done, fold laundry or call people back. As well as keeping him in our room for far too long. I didn’t realize he moved a lot when he slept. He needed more space. Once he moved to his crib he slept much better. Ideally, he should have been in his room around 4 or 5 months…..not 7!  At the time I felt HE needed to be close but in reality he needed room to wiggle and roll, I WANTED him close. His sleep issues were my fault….Strike Two for this mama. You live and learn.

Now, when my pregnant friends ask for advice, I tell them

1.Take at least 10 days to be a new family..SOAK IT UP….No calls, chores or commitments.Try to limit visitors to close family and very minimal friends. Like I said I thought I needed to allow every person over or answer every call. No, NO NO! Just be your NEW Family. My biggest regret, not spending time cherishing those moments with my NEW family.

2. Acceptance, the first couple of months parenthood tend to be a blur and so filled with LOVE it feels perfect. But when everyone gets back to work and life, reality sets in. I was so focused on getting back to the person I was BEFORE Hudson. But the truth is I will never be the ME before motherhood. My husband and I are not going to be the same people as before either, the entire dynamic of your partnership and sense of self is changed. It takes time to get comfortable with the NEW. I promise friends, you will get there. It just takes time.

3. Keep a baby book of their first year. It goes by so fast, you will forget some of the silly or funny things they did. The first year with Hudson flew by.  I try to think of certain moments when Hudson was 4 months old or 7 and I cannot remember. The big stuff of course, when he first rolled over or stood but the little things escape me. Unfortunately,I was too busy rushing to the next milestone. To this day, I have to remind myself to SLOW Down…be in the moment……and WRITE IT DOWN!

The new addition will change so much from day to day, it passes in a blink. But with a few key items it will be easier. I have compiled some of the month to month necessities for the first year. But remember, the most important things your baby needs is your time, food, and lots of snuggles….OH and a diaper change or two…….maybe three.


1122      cache_500_378_0_100_100_Elephant Hug Gift Set pillow and accessories  9206_2-bamboo-swaddles-moonlight (1)   41gVXEpdMZL._AA160_


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