Punkin Palooza

We made our first trip to the pumpkin patch this week. I say first because no doubt we will be going back to collect more beauties for our carving party in a couple weeks. We always go to a local family owned farm in town. First off, their prices are the best. Second, the owner is the sweetest old man. Third, buy local.

Benson’s farm has been our family favorite from fresh apples to giant zucchini. Upon arrival Hudson spotted two deer grabbing a quick snack from the apple trees out front.

12118798_10207802007791196_1138519920207719045_n   20151003_170813-1-1

We had the place to ourselves which for a rambunctious toddler is perfection. He could not load the pumpkins fast enough. Going from pile to pile saying ” we need this one, and this one, and this one!” I was all for it, I love watching his enthusiasm for holidays. Mr. Man preferred the little ones, or as he called them “The tiny baby pumpkins.”

12088504_10207802007151180_6452580427649110099_n  12115526_10207802007471188_5291727862868777146_n

20151003_170840-2-1  20151003_170932-1


Happy Fall Y’all!

You and Me Go Fishin….

You know the rest. Hudson has been obsessed with his fishing pole for months. But it has been too cold to actually go. Finally, the weather cooperated for a few short hours so he could go give it a whirl!

IMG_20150329_130515124  IMG_20150329_130538379  IMG_20150329_130541551

To keep things easy there was no line in his pole but he still fished his heart out.


Throwing rocks into the water quickly became our top priority. He kept getting closer and closer to the water, giving me a panic attack but he was very careful. He cried when we left, this boy is a true outdoorsmen, just like his dad.




Spring in Montana can be long and pretty cold. But it sure is Beautiful!

What do you do with your little’s when the weather gets nice?

Mini Carwash

The last few days have been crummy but typical spring weather. Which means we have been cooped up inside. UGH! Can Summer get here already….that coming from the girl who LOVES winter. Its just been a long winter and a yucky spring.  We are ready to be playing outside with chalk and bubbles. It will be be here soon enough.  Back on point, Hudson would love to be splashing in puddles but there has not been enough rain…but enough to keep us inside…go figure. So I had to get creative with an indoor activity.

Hudson is OBSESSED with cars and trucks, that is putting it mildly. I carry a minimum of 5 in the diaper bag not including the handful he packs around. As mentioned before he loves puddles so I combined the two. An indoor carwash!!!!!! I put a little water and soap onto a baking sheet. I laid out a towel to limit the mess. Hudson washed his cars and trucks with a toothbrush. He had a blast and all of his cars were sparkling by the time he was done.







Have fun Friends!

Snowed IN

Hey Friends! It has been FREEZING in Montana, lately. Colder than usual.  I love winter and snow but its been a bit too cold.  We have been watching the snow fall for days, but its just too cold to let Hudson play outside in it. It takes me longer to get him in his snow suit than he will last outside. He asks me every day, “Mama, outside play snow…OK?” Breaks my heart to tell him no because he enjoys it so much all 10 minutes.

So I decided to bring the snow inside! I know…madness, we have hardwood floors so clean up is a breeze and its only water. We did it last year and he spent hours playing, this year I added food dye. An opportunity to work on identifying colors and to amaze my child, because soon mom will be so LAME.

IMG_20141230_180339793  IMG_20141230_180343822


 (Sorry for the blurry photo, a photographer I am not.)

What is your go to activity to stave off cabin fever?

Have Fun Friends!


Onto a New Year

Happy 2015 friends! I hope you had a great start to your new year. We spent the night with my whole family at my grandparents, playing board games and sharing stories. It was prefect. We partied until  10:30…..oh yeah keep up. Hudson passed out the second we got home and I rang in the new year with a glass of wine in my jammies, watching a movie. The only change would have been for Husby to be in town but otherwise I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Ah where to start! The last year has been amazing. Watching Hudson grow into a determined, stubborn and smart little boy has been one of the greatest part of motherhood so far. Husby and I have found a rhythm as parents to an opinionated toddler. It has had its ups and downs for sure but would not change it for the world. Our year was full of days spent with friends and family. A little bit of travel and trying to blog as often as possible. What was the best part of 2014 for you?

10881699_10205625431738155_5241649708202443764_n  10888683_10205625432538175_2313145236112623655_n



1375896_10205625432658178_6625867208077249064_n  10896887_10205625432058163_8235978084387492212_n

I usually spend days trying to figure out my resolutions. Last year, I wrote them all down and signed it,kind of contract with myself. It definitely helped. But this year I have not found a NEED to make unrealistic resolutions. I usually beat myself up if I fall short. This year is the year of being content and try not to expect too much. Spend more time being present in our day to day. I tend to worry and obsess about cleaning or organizing over helping Hudson make it! Happiness begins at Home.

I would really like to focus on staying at home more. We usually figure out a reason to leave the house every day but it usually results in buying random junk and wasting gas for no real reason. I want to try to do crafts with Hudson or play cars with him, be happy to be home.

On top of spending time at home I want to curb MY spending. Husby does pretty well, only buying what he needs. Our roles have switched I have always been the saver but now I am buying stuff constantly. I get special offers from stores all the time and have a hard time saying no. Unsubscribing from those emails today. Also, like I said when we leave the house I usually spend more than necessary, my goal is to focus on getting our finances in order and better prepare for incidentals and Christmas gifts using this plan or this one. The first plan, I did last year to start Hudson’s saving account but I flipped it. Starting with 52 dollars and going down its much easier to pay a dollar after Christmas than 52$. The second would be helpful too since it ends Black Friday. Both I think will be easy to do and help keep me on track.

What are your top three resolutions, Friends?

Happy 2015, Cant wait to see what is in store for us.

Christmas Eve Eve!!

With Christmas Eve tomorrow we have been doing some fun crafting and Christmas related fun! This is my FAVE time of year, I love everything about it and all of December is solely Christmas around here! We of course did the annual drive around to check out Christmas lights and Harper just thinks all the pretty lights are SO COOL! Especially the blow up Mickey, Minnie and Olaf that are in the neighborhood! We had to wear our matching Christmas shirts too which made this outing that much better!


We never get family pics because we rarely have anyone to take one of the three of us so this year I was gonna make it happen…with every intention of getting Chrismas cards made…go figure I didn’t get around to doing that (I’M SO BAD!!) But anyway I love the way they ALL turned out and am gonna get a bunch framed so at least I have that 😉 We just went down to the lake in town on day that wasn’t freezing and I had a friend take some, here are a few of my faves.


I skipped taking the Harpster to see Santa last year because I knew she either could care less or would be scared, plus we were super busy with wedding prep so this was the year. 🙂 I wasn’t sure how she’d do, literally had no idea but didn’t think it would go well, she’s quite the mama and daddy’s girl right now. She loves Mickey’s Twice upon a Christmas right now and says Santa when he comes on so that was my tad bit of hope! The Santa here was awesome to say the least and his helper Elf was just as amazing! The lady grabbed her and was talking to her, let her play with her light up necklace & she was all smiles already! Handed off to Santa went just as smooth! She was a little iffy but we got some good smiles and all was good!


Lucky girl even left with a candy cane, cookie and reindeer horns!! She was so proud walking out of the mall 😉


One of my friends got us a Gingerbread house kit for an early Christmas gift and again, I had an idea of how this was gonna go with an almost two year old but it was entertaining and fun to watch her help me decorate! I put the house together and made sure it was good and dry before letting her help, she thought it was the best thing ever, having candy in dishes right in front of her and definitely ate more pieces than she put on the house or cookies 🙂 (as I had expected) hehe!

IMG_3173IMG_3171 IMG_3202 IMG_3226 IMG_3218IMG_3211IMG_3227

Next on to a Christmas craft, I looked on Pinterest and found this cute idea of a Rudolph with her handprints. She thought it was the funniest thing in the world I was painting her hand and giggled the whole time we were doing this. How cute is this little chubby brown hand?!


So you just put a handprint on the paper, then flip it and do one more, then I had her put white fingerprint snow in the sky, covered with glitter, (because everything is better with glitter), 4 black fingerprints for the hoofs and glue on a red nose, eye, and a jingle bell! I used a rhinestone for the eye and a button for the nose but you can really use anything you can find or even paint them on too! Of course with a toddler this couldn’t go perfectly smooth with no mess & after I put the glitter on she picked up the bottle and dumped the whole thing in one second but hey, I guess the kid just loves glitter as much as her mama? 😉


Here’s how our finished product turned out! I’m in love and for sure gonna stick this in a frame to bring out on display every Christmas!


I’ll leave you with a couple pics of us in the matching shirts I told you about in my Christmas gift post! Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I hope you all have the best holiday yet!


Hudson’s First Birthday

Hudson’s 2nd birthday party is this weekend. I cannot believe he will be two already, time flies when you are having fun. We are doing it early this year, his actual birthday is on Thanksgiving day so we had to plan to do it a little earlier. It will be a regular thing for the rest of his life every few years it will be on Thanksgiving. For me I would love it, tons of food and football pretty good birthday if you ask me.

Hudson is obsessed with trucks, trains and planes, anything that rolls or flies. So we decided on an On-the-GO party. I think he will love it but get mad that I am using some of his toys as decoration…..he will just have to deal. But first I wanted to share pictures and decorations from his 1st Birthday, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


All the decorations I made myself using a Cricut, I borrowed from a friend. The cake was made at Plum Cakery. They do custom cakes, my friend from High School made it and will be doing this years cake as well. .

1397802_10100145025694376_74831457_o 1397802_10100145025689386_1484550102_o 603140_10100145025684396_1601733206_n

I was IN LOVE with Hudson’s cake, I could barely cut into it. It was so tasty too.

1415251_10100145048334006_899820052_o 1415251_10100145048324026_791176164_o 1403517_10100145049756156_2088376668_o 1403517_10100145049736196_22926435_o

The Cricut, made making all the signs very simple once I figured out sizing and the right way to type in the codes. I loved how the signs turned out. I couldn’t buy anything that wasn’t cheesy. I wanted it to be cute without looking ridiculous.

1415251_10100145048338996_673883207_o 1403517_10100145049751166_1857892849_o 1403517_10100145049746176_293995607_o 1403517_10100145049741186_1158590785_o

Any who, the other sweets are Pumpkin bars, a family recipe. The chocolate cupcakes are a boxed recipe and mini Oreo’s for ears. We served two different types of chili for the adults.


My grandma, Hudson’s Great Grandma, insisted she get him a cake of his very own. She was so happy to give it to Hudson to make a mess with. And He did not disappoint, it did take him a minute to dive in but once he did he had fun.

1403379_10100145027430896_1844461918_o 1403379_10100145027425906_1289182790_o

1403379_10100145027440876_1681886611_o 1403379_10100145027435886_727116457_o

1401357_10100145028603546_82098796_o 1401357_10100145028598556_1458142234_o

Hudson did not do great with unwrapping presents he only wanted to play with the tissue paper or box, typical One year old right?!

1401357_10100145028613526_1297746620_o 1401357_10100145028608536_609383982_o 1403624_10100145029342066_1792437589_o

All in all we had the BEST time with his first birthday. Its a bittersweet moment am I right. I spent the whole time hoping for him to get older so he would sleep or talk or crawl. Then BAM! First birthday.


Word to the wise, just enjoy each second and every milestone. They will go flying by. Now onto my sweet boys 2nd Birthday….tears will fall I promise you.

Tumble, Tuck, and Roll

Hudson and I have been going a little stir crazy lately. The weather has been much cooler than usually, WHOO HOO bring on FALL. Anyways, its been a tad too cold to spend all morning outside like we normally would. Also, he seems to be getting bored with his toys so a change is definitely necessary. But, he is too young for nursery school or day care, so we were on the hunt for something fun.

Gymnastics class it was! I thought it would be right up his alley since he is part MONKEY, I swear this kid is allergic to the ground. Today was our first class.  We had a rough night so we arrived a bit cranky. He was in no mood to sit still but class started quickly. The coaches were patient and we moved quickly to the next activity. He was able to play on the bars, trampoline, foam pit and balance beam. His favorite was definitely the trampoline. Class was only 45 minutes which honestly was plenty, we were both EXHAUSTED by the end. Hudson barely ate lunch and happily took a 3 hour nap. I would call that a WIN!

IMG958753  IMG958755  IMG_8758  IMG_8761  IMG_8762

I hope you try a new class with you little one. Have a good week!




Let Freedom Ring

This weekend is 4th of July…if you haven’t heard.We are planning to spend time with family and friends. Hudson was so little last year he couldn’t even keep his eyes open for the fireworks, so I am exceptionally excited for him to see them this year!

Also, Hudson has had a couple festive breakfasts this week. I was excited to make him festive meals but he could have cared less….his goal…gobble as fast as possible so he could go play.

Raspberries, bananas and apples with a blueberry pancake

Mini bagel with plain cream cheese, strawberry and blueberry slices

Most people will be spending the long weekend at lake, hanging out at the pool or watching fireworks at a family Barbecue. The Fourth of July is not only a day to party but a day to remember those who cannot be with their families. Either they are deployed or never made it home. My husband spent 8 years in the Army with three deployments, the last being during my first pregnancy. As a former Army Wife, Independence Day means so much more to us! Jordan and I remember friends who did not make it home and the hurt their families must feel. I do not want to ruin the PARTY but am asking for you to remember those who gave all. Have a drink in their memory or take a moment of silence. Freedom isn’t free!

             jlp0390 jlp0391      

Have fun this Fourth of July weekend and remember those who cannot be with their families! Be safe friends!




Country Ho-Down!

This past weekend family friends invited us to a three day country music festival, Headwaters Country Jam. I LOVE country music so of course I said YES. However, Hudson was going to have to come, which is perfectly okay but it put me a little on edge. Our campsite was right outside of the main stage….YIKES!..for a toddler who likes peace and quiet for sleep. The last concert of the night wrapped up at 11pm. But I was hopeful it would all go well, I have been trying to relax more, go with the flow.

Mr. Man napped for most of the drive, waking up right as we pulled into the venue, Off to a good start! After we were situated in our camper we ventured into the arena to see what there was to do while we waited for the music to start.

Running amuck at the campsite.

Epic bedhead……someone slept well.



The music began around 3, different bands or solo acts played for an hour then on to the next. The line-ups were great, the headliners were my favorite, Dustin Lynch and Montgomery Gentry. We also enjoyed Chase Rice. Hudson was a trooper through it all, he spent most of the time in his Kelty Pack or playing with grass on the ground in front of me. He slept through the late shows and fell asleep in his pack during Montgomery Gentry. He was all partied out!


We had a great time! Thank Kim and Roy for the invitation and the VIP treatment.