Be Kind

Happy Tuesday friends! I have been thinking a lot about how it seems people have become more rude.  Parents oblivious to their kiddo pushing another at the playground or talking loudly on their phone while waiting in line.  I would guess you run into rudeness on a daily basis? Am I right? Sometimes being the offender. I know I have, it is never intentional and I rarely notice the side glances from people. But i have been wondering why? Why has rudeness become our new normal.

I read an article the other day speaking on this very topic (Current Parents magazine). It pointed out how the use of technology has caused people to become more rude in general. Text messages can easily be sent if you decide last minute not to go to an event, with a little emoji. You can ignore a call with a swipe of your finger. Make a snide comment online, than be nice to the person face to face. It’s easy, technology has allowed us to distance ourselves from people. After reading the article, I decided I would make an effort to put technology down. Pay attention to the people around me.

So firsts things first, give Hudson my attention. Like real attention, get on the floor with him and play with him. Make a craft, stack trucks, or read a billion books. The second leave my phone alone while grocery shopping or perusing the racks at Target. The last is, be kinder to people while I am out, move a cart away from someones car or leave a quarter on the candy machine for someone else, etc.

So, Hudson and I were at the check out the other day, the lady behind me was creeping closer and closer to my cart. I normally would have given her the cold shoulder but as we waited in line she began to swear and yell at her friend about how she shouldn’t have waited for her because now she was going to be late. The whole time I was getting more and more upset as she dropped the F-word in front of my son and hers. I though it was out of line. But instead of saying something mean to her, I offered her my place in line. She had about three items to my FULL cart. I could see the relief cross her face. Who am I to say she was out of line (other than the F-word)  maybe she was late for something very important or maybe she was just plain rude. Either way the extra 5 minutes of waiting was not a big deal and maybe it was the break she needed to turn her day around. I will never know! But since I was paying attention and responded with kindness someone elses’ may have gotten a little better.


All I am saying it random acts of kindness could change someones day and they might be more likely to pay it forward. My goal is to be kinder to people and keep my rudeness in check. Answer that call, spend time with people in person rather than on Facebook, Hold the door for the person behind me.

Pay it forward friends and be less rude to one another.

25 Days of Christmas

We have not made many family traditions really at all. We have spent most holidays traveling to this house to see this person and then on to the next.  We were only HOME for a few days and had to see everyone. Or Jordan was deployed. After Hudson arrived my desire for our own family holiday traditions was at an all time high. Our first Christmas he was only a month old. Jordan was in Washington while Hudson and I were in Montana. The second all the family wanted to see Hudson open gifts so we drove all over. But now, we live close to all our family and friends we can make traditions as a  tiny family of four, we cant forget Jackson. Hudson is at the perfect age to start our own thing. The only issue is  at 2 many of  activities have to be instant gratification. However, they are for the whole family. I hope you get some good ideas for your family!

25 days of Christmas

  1.  Decorate the house (tree, lights, stockings)
  2. Watch Twice Upon a Mickey Christmas, it has proven to be a good one for Hudson.
  3. Make Snowman Soup, hot cocoa
  4. Happy Birthday Daddy! Give him his birthday gift
  5. Take a picture with Santa
  6. Parade of Lights in Downtown Missoula
  7. Jammies all day, Bake sugar cookies and decorate
  8. Deliver goodies to family members
  9. Christmas music dance party
  10. Read the Polar Express
  11. Make dog treats for the neighbors
  12. Take toys and clothing to the Women’s Shelter
  13. Make popcorn and watch  ELF as a family
  14. Go see Reindeer at Murdoch’s
  15. How the Grinch Stole Christmas play date
  16. Make bubble Santa Beards at bath time
  17. Make Christmas bark
  18. Watch a Christmas movie with Peppermint Sundaes
  19. Make Snow Cream
  20. Build a Snowman
  21. Take a  night drive to see the Christmas Lights
  22. Picnic by the fireplace and read Christmas books
  23. Christmas Craft project; coloring, stickers
  24. Open our Special Christmas Eve gift, jammies, snack and new book
  25.  PJs all Day, Merry Christmas to all!

IMG_20141201_224301 I found my advent calendar at Target. They had a ton of options but you could always make an advent garland from gift tags and clothes pins or a cute felt one. The possibilities are endless!

I hope you incorporate some of our traditions into your families this holiday season. What are your family’s traditions?

Christmas Shopping

Hey friends, I am jumping on my Christmas list this year. As organized as I usually am, my Christmas list gets away from me every year. Shopping well into December, never really allowing myself to Enjoy the Holidays. So this year since Hudson is as such a fun age to start family traditions I have vowed to have my shopping list DONE by December 1st. I know I can do it, I just have to stay focused and on budget. I have compiled a list of Toddler Boy ideas for you and your little ones. This is based on Hudson’s interests and his friends. I hope it helps you get a jump on your lists.

So Christmas eve I plan on letting Hudson open one gift, containing new Christmas jammies, a fun new book, a snack and hot cocoa, which he has been quite fond of lately. I tend to buy Hudson’s jammies at Carters, Gap or Old Navy. The price point is perfect and most often I have a coupon code to save a little extra. Here are some of my favorites from Gap, how cute would your little one look coming down to open gifts in these jems or these adorable duds. Plus, a pair of cute slippers, I can already see the adorable photos of Christmas morning.

HoHOHO Tree  NorthPole


Gift Ideas Boys (and Girls)

It may only be Hudson, but anything on wheels has become the best toy ever. I have to carry at minimum two trucks in the diaper bag at all times. This year will will probably stay on that theme. I found these cute toys on a trip to Portland, they are Green Toys, all are made from recycled material and minimal packaging. Hudson has a couple of their trucks and they can hold up to a rough and tumbler toddler. I usually use Amazon because we have free shipping. The trucks are sold on too, which has more selection. The tractor with trailer would be a hit as well as the dump truck, so Hudson could collect random items for them to carry. I am a HUGE fan of wooden toys, Hudson has a few and has barely been able to put a dent in them.

Tractor  DumpTruckWorkBench   img18o

Hudson loves trucks but he also enjoys playing with my pots and pans, under my feet in the kitchen. Usually while I am trying to make dinner, it makes for an entertaining dance. I am hoping that if he has his own kitchen with pots and pans we will leave mine alone……Fingers Crossed! I have found a couple online but none in stores not to thrilled about the cost of shipping but it just might be worth it. The one below would be a definite win for Hudson I just have to get the Husby on board! The work bench might be an easier sell. Also, this one from Pottery Barn would be great!


Happy Shopping Friends! Stay tuned for more gift guides.