Onto Paleo…

During the chaos and emotional roller-coaster of my grandma passing, I wanted comfort food or chocolate. Food was the only thing that made me feel better. It could be because my grandma taught me so many recipes…it was my way of clinging to her. But it took a toll on my skin and digestive system.

Awhile back I posted about my struggle with my skin and stomach, adventures in elimination. For my whole life I have had eczema, some times it was manageable other times it was a full flown problem. Last year, I had had enough. I found a doctor who recommended I do an elimination diet; no caffeine, wheat, soy, milk, and corn. It is a long list of NO NOs but after only 5 days I felt like a different person. The month went by quickly, I switched to tea and was mindful of what I was putting in my shopping cart.

After a month I began to reintroduce the “problem” foods. Within three days my face broke out in sores, they began as dry patches but quickly looked like acne with clear fluid seeping out, GROSS I know. With a little research I found that its known as “weeping eczema.” Basically, after clearing my system of problem foods it freaked out when I brought them back in too quickly. It was awful, they itched and looked gross I couldn’t put make-up on. Based on that reaction I figured my issues were milk, wheat or eggs. I met with my doctor to go over my findings. Even though I had narrowed it down, I still requested allergy testing so I could learn ALL of my food sensitivities. It took a few weeks to get the results back but it was worth the wait. I found out that I had sensitivities  to eggs, every type of animal milk, gluten, corn and wheat, among many other things. I met with my doctor again to go over the results, she recommended a paleo life style. Like I said before I slowly slipped back into old habits, then everything with my grandma began I got way off track.

I am determined to make the change for the good. I am sick of my skin issues and constant creams or ointments to get by when I know what is causing the problem. I am committing here and now to bettering my food choices! And I will share my recipes and pitfalls along the way!



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