Let Freedom Ring

This weekend is 4th of July…if you haven’t heard.We are planning to spend time with family and friends. Hudson was so little last year he couldn’t even keep his eyes open for the fireworks, so I am exceptionally excited for him to see them this year!

Also, Hudson has had a couple festive breakfasts this week. I was excited to make him festive meals but he could have cared less….his goal…gobble as fast as possible so he could go play.

Raspberries, bananas and apples with a blueberry pancake

Mini bagel with plain cream cheese, strawberry and blueberry slices

Most people will be spending the long weekend at lake, hanging out at the pool or watching fireworks at a family Barbecue. The Fourth of July is not only a day to party but a day to remember those who cannot be with their families. Either they are deployed or never made it home. My husband spent 8 years in the Army with three deployments, the last being during my first pregnancy. As a former Army Wife, Independence Day means so much more to us! Jordan and I remember friends who did not make it home and the hurt their families must feel. I do not want to ruin the PARTY but am asking for you to remember those who gave all. Have a drink in their memory or take a moment of silence. Freedom isn’t free!

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Have fun this Fourth of July weekend and remember those who cannot be with their families! Be safe friends!