Christmas Wrap-Up

The Kost family Christmas Wrap-up (Ha!). We made a family day trip to Coeur d’ Alene, ID. It is a two hour drive from home and so worth it. They offer a holiday night light cruise to the North Pole. The cruise is only 20$ for adults and free for kids under 5. The trip lasts 30 minutes in total which is perfect for a restless toddler. As the boat leaves the dock the entire boardwalk is covered in holiday lights. The Grinch was on the dock shaking his booty and making faces at the kiddos, to this day Hudson still tells everyone that will listen about it.

The staff is dressed as Santa’s elves. You can grab a hot toddy or apple cider while you wait to see Santa. Once you arrive at the North Pole, (you stay on the boat), Santa greets the kiddos and reads the names on the “Nice List.” As the boat pulls away from the dock the entire shore lights up and fireworks are set off. It was perfect! Next time, we will stay at the resort, they offer many cruise and room packages. It was a LOOOOONG day for such a quick boat ride. Hudson had a great time until the fire works, some tears were shed. Ooops!

IMG_20141222_184942680   IMG_20141222_190659

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We had a wonderful Holiday.Husby was lucky enough to have vacation time to be with us over Christmas. We spent most of our days in pajamas watching cartoons or Christmas movies, drinking gallons of coffee (for me) and hot chocolate (for the little) snuggled up on our couch.

However, it wasn’t feeling much like Christmas around here, it was oddly warm with no snow in sight. But but to our surprise we woke up Christmas morining to a winter wonderland.Hudson (and I), could NOT contain our excitement.  We had to at least play in it for a few minutes before presents.

 IMG_20141206_122344013 (1) IMG_20141206_122359310 (1)

We unwrapped presents and had breakfast with my family. My Dad came over later to spend the day with us too. Later we all changed into new pajamas to go to my mom’s for dinner. We ended the evening with pie and a movie, Four Christmases, one of my favorites.

IMG_20141225_104415255 IMG_20141225_104424489

Hudson had so much fun opening presents, once he figured out how to rip into them it was non-stop. He kept asking to open more presents and had a tiny meltdown when there were no more under the tree. The day after was spent in a walk-in clinic, Hudson hadn’t been acting like him self. Low and behold he has a double ear infection. I am hoping he will be better for the New Year’s Eve.

Merry Christmas and onto the Happy New year!